Environment: Arakhosian Hinterlands
The porticulum at 6778,8058 is surrounded very closely by carnage mobs. Not sure if this was intended.
I like the fact that there are some fairly tall ground clutter plants. Taller plants and grasses help to soften the world around you and make you feel more immersed.
I like the spider nest areas. Pretty darn creepy. Made me nervous walking over them. lol

Carnage: Mutation Infestation
Completed fine.

Carnage: Vhar Away
Completed fine.

Status Report
Completed fine.

Dawn Treaded
Completed fine.

He's Not Monstrous, He's my Brother
I found it slightly strange the amount of distance between the last story quest in this region and this one. It is miles from anywhere, and there were no quests nearby that led to this point. Perhaps it is merely that trion wish to have players explore at their own pace, but it seems contrary to the strategy of other areas I have quest tested.
Quest completed fine.

Shoddy Surveillance
Central unit is unclickable
Eastern unit is unclickable
Western unit is unclickable
This makes the quest unable to be completed.

Carnage: Gnarly Problem
Completed fine.

Environment: The Armory
I called in 'Defiant's flare' to help take back the Barrier Relay. This worked fine, until I started to charge up the Relay with Nexus Infusion. At this point the defiants started to attack the relay! I am presuming this is a bug.

Fringe Fortifications
Completed fine.

Environment: Korolis Valley
I see there are more spider nests here, if indeed that is what they are, but with no spiders. It would be nice to have evidence of whether onces are being actively used or not, perhaps some webbing or burst of mini spiders coming in and out of the holes.

I also noticed that there were a lot of Brevane Slaves crouched around this area, as well as the captive survivers that were being herded. I found no quest for these, but the slaves especially look as if they are part of a quest, perhaps to unlock the chains. Is this quest missing?

Carnage: Slaying the Slavers
These were a little bit of a pain. Too far apart so you couldn't really gather them at all. Had to kill these one at a time.
Completed fine.

Carnage: Rock Hide, Sharp Horn
Like the 'slaying the slavers' the rhinos were a bit too far apart. Could only get two at a time. I think it would be pretty unlikely that animals especially would be this distinctly separated. There would be bound to be some that would go in a group, even if others were single.

Carnage: Abominations

Unlike the earlier two carnages, I didn't have any real trouble gathering these, despite the fact that there were some casters.
Completed fine.

Connecting the Dots
Although this quest is useful, I had already found these three porticulums. I don't understand why this quest is so deep into Kingsward. It seems very odd to have this exploration quest in a place you have to bypass the others to get to. Perhaps I just travelled to it in an alternate route (I entered Kingsward through the north part of City Core), but either way, it seems strange to me. It would also be useful if this quest automatically ticked off ports you have already found, rather than making the player go back to them.
Completed fine.

Uniform Appearance
I liked the chat with the Awakened, it was amusing, and slightly disturbing.
Completed fine.

Moment of Truth
Completed fine

Salvarola the Great
Completed fine

Carnage: Against the Herd
Completed fine.

Brevanic Bind
Completed fine.