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Thread: ***practice dummies***

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    ***practice dummies***

    Ok so, I was not in alpha. I don't know if there are better dummy locations accross the map.

    We need more level 60 dummies which can be single target DPS'd on without splash AoE.

    Example: In Tempest Bay, we have a bunch of level 60 dummies, all next to eachother. It is impossible to parse with things like 61 Harbinger with 10meter radius AoE.

    In Sanctum at level 50, this wasn't a problem because the dummies had different names. With different names, you could choose to look at that specific dummy's incoming damage on ACT.

    With all of the level 60 dummies having the same name in Tempest Bay, we cannot filter out splash AoE in this way by looking at incoming damage.

    Right now, I'm having to test things like 61Harbinger (Necro specs which use the Shadow Revenant would be another example) on the Sanctum level 50 dummies.

    The reason it's annoying to have to parse on 50 dummies at 60 is that the level 50 dummies seem to be taking at least 10% more damage, skewing parses a lot.

    So, can we have a couple of dummies placed in Tempest Bay which are out of range of splash AoE/wide cleaving? Or at the very least give them some unique names like the sanctum ones (dungeon dummy, practice, boss dummy, combat dummy, etc).

    Another option (this might be better) would be to just update all of the Sanctum dummies to be level 60 rather than 50.

    Or, you know, let us summon our own personal combat dummy, something like the Personal banker or mailbox, etc.

    Thanks for reading ^^

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    I can tell you Level 50 Dummies have lower Resist and Armor than 60 or 62 ones so that's what skews the parses.

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