Conquest and Open-World-PvP

Right now, Open World PvP has a new change since the Factions no longer are true enemies like they once were.

There were many issues here.
Coming from WoW to play Rift, I expected at least to have Faction City raids like in WoW. But I found this to be rare to never happening.

Perhaps the world should have large faction cities placed to somewhere, that is designed around the idea PvP sieging, and defending. One for each Faction. these cities would have all the features normal player cities have. Rewarding players for defending and attacking.

Another feature I remember being added to the game was the PvP rift format.
Problem is, this didnt really promote PvP. it was stone running while being flagged.

Perhaps PvP rifts should have been portals to enemy faction areas that spawn a Faction Boss Mob and group of players to attack Faction cities and areas to control. Like a Giant PvP Zone Invasion with PvP Wardstones base captures. The Players are the Invaders here instead of NPC. But the boss being a NPC based on the Faction thats attacking.

now to Conquest.
Well Conquest was added to be the three faction Open World Sim. But my opinion, it suffers from many of the same issues. Conquest is large scale, but there is no attachment to factions, and there are too many extractors in the mode, that promotes too much PvE capture, which has no PvP effect other than numbers on a score board.

I could understand a Keep or Castle Base being attacked like this, since they add to the PvP being a Fort of assault/defense. But Extractors dont add anything. Maybe this is were a switch should be made.

Also the mode is very Zerg friendly. I say Siege weapons vehicles should be added to the mode. Siege weapons could have high defense and HP to counter zergs. But their attacks is what is a major feature. It could be all AoE attacks, that deal damage to a single target, and radiate to enemies around that target. this way, the single target attack damage can be balanced to be weak against single targets but deal major extra damage to enemies near that target. This could make Siege weapons weak 1v1 but powerful when army vs 1.
they could add to Keep/Castle sieging as well, as an added gameplay element.
And another thing. If you want PvE in Conquest like seen in Extractor attacking, why not just make these into moving Faction NPC with different roles. This makes the mode more immerse as a war, and the PvE elements feel more part of the War. These NPC could range from normal mobs, to powerful elites, to powerful bosses, based on factions. Neutral factions have their own NPC army to effect the battlefield.

Another thing, how about moving Conquest to a more balanced and PvP designed map. Basically a Map built from the ground up for Conquest, with balanced starter base locations?