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Thread: Chronicle: A Hero Rises unplayable

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    Chronicle: A Hero Rises unplayable

    Looks like a great start on a solo Chronicle, but was unplayable this morning due to:

    1) No quest dialogue/instruction/information showing upon port-in.
    2) Mobs drop through the floor, making them untargetable.
    3) My combat pet also drops through the floor, making it useless in a fight.
    4) Once first boss is dead, the cannon he drops is the only way to hit mobs that can't be seen because of dropping below the environment graphics.
    5) If you die during the Chronicle you lose the cannon, making it impossible to hit mobs that you can't see (which will be fine, once the planes are fixed).
    6) I, too, dropped through the floor near the porticullum within the instance.
    7) Despite spending a couple of hours trying to track down invisible mobs, I was unable to get further in this Chronicle than the porticullum.
    8) As a necromancer, Deathly Calling never hit any mobs during the entire time I was in there. I had the same experience with the Chronicle for Greenscale's Blight last week on live. Of course, in A Hero Rises it was because my pet wouldn't/couldn't hit any mobs.

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    we can't access it anymore, it has been deleted from the chronicle list, i think it wasn't intended to be there :/, but it was fun anyway i like this one more than the other=)

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    I imagine they enabled it by accident. It seems soooo interesting though!

    Hope its ready soon.

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