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Chloromancer: Healing Balance: Talent tree tooltip (30%) and buff icon (20%) do not match. Also, I take it that the five stacks are not cumulative? (20x5)
I've updated the description in the tree to show the 20%. The stacks are not cumulative. The stacks represent the number of abilities that will gain the damage bonus from the buff.
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Could you please clarify? I've tried casting it with and without Hypothermia, which did not affect its damage. This led me to conclude that it is not benefiting from Frozen Defences. Are you saying that this is intentional, and that SS was never meant to be an "AE" ability for the purposes of these calculations? Could you please share your design intention for Lightning Burst? Given that it does significantly less dps than Charged Field, do you envisage this as a "finisher" type ability for the single-target rotation (with some bonus splash damage) rather than as a powerful AE ability?
When I tested Storm Surge with Hypothermia and Frozen Defenses it gained the appropriate damage bonus. I haven't been able to find an effect that buffs AOE damage and does not effect the damage from Storm Surge. I'll check again to be sure though. Lightning Burst is really more of a single target ability with some AOE than it is a full blown AOE ability. It will still work for dealing AOE damage, but you'll probably see it used more with a single target rotation than an AOE rotation.
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I did not have the chance to check on Beta, but on Live currently, Split Personality remains 30 seconds in duration even when you have 2/2 Prolonged break.
This is correct. The base duration of Split Personality was reduced to 20 seconds. With Prolonged Break it can be brought up to 30 seconds.
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One more question for Kervik. Is it intended that Mage GTAOE spells have 25m basic range and Cleric and Rogue ones have 30m ?
Once upon a time there was a reason. That reason doesn't really apply anymore though. I've bumped them all up to 30 meters to match everyone else's.
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