Several of the Dimensions have large-enough underwater areas available that would be great for use. In fact, Shoreward Island has *loads* of underwater area.

I'd love to be able to let my visitors use that reliably. Three obvious ways to do it come to mind:

* Add an airstone dimension object so my visitors can get water breathing buffs, whether it's like the underwater air stones already in place or a Nico-like "give me some air" interaction
* Add a Pocket of Air item I can position and size that turns water into not-water, so I can make an air-filled underwater cave (this also opens up the idea of a Pocket of Water to make a swimmable area, but...)
* Turn off the breathing meter in Dimensions (or let me turn it off in mine)

Of these, I like the first two a lot, but the third may be simpler in some ways. Turning off breathing runs the risk (or possibility) of making an essentially flying area.

The underwater areas have some lovely things on the bottom and make for some interesting building ideas. I'd really love to see them in use more.

If Dimensions had a way to store items for guests, I suppose I couls stock water-breathing items, but that's a much more complicated idea, sice it opens up all sorts of things.