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* Tempest Armor: Procs do not (always) show up as a reactive ability icon, unlike Storm Shard/Eldritch Armor/Opportunity procs. Hard to track via buff list only.* Storm Surge: SS is not classified as an AE ability and therefore does not benefit from the AE passives, Frozen Defenses or Tempest Armor procs.* Inductance: Lightning Burst still calculates dmg after it consumes electrified stacks and so does not benefit from Inductance (cf Charged Field). No longer a problem for SS as the new version spreads rather than consumes electrified.* EotS: Does significantly less damage than Hailstorm. Is this intended
I've updated Tempest Armor to appear in the reactive window to be consistent with how other effects like Opportunity and Eldritch Armor are currently functioning.I double checked Storm Surge and it appears to be getting all the appropriate bonuses it should. Lightning Burst can be setup to calculate damage either before or after the stacks of Electrified are removed. For now, I'm planning on leaving it setup how it is currently. Changing it to calculate damage before the stacks are removed would require additional adjustments to the damage done by the ability to bring it back down to current levels. In essence there wouldn't be any extra damage that would come out of the change and it is safer to leave the ability as is.I've tweaked some values with Hailstorm and Eye of the Storm. Hailstorm is still going to be a powerful AOE in large part because of its 2.5 second base cast time, while Eye of the Storm can be cast on the move.
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Harbinger ability Rending Slash needs a tooltip clarification.Reading it from our ability list it states "...increasing the Mage's damage on the enemy by 2% per stack..."Debuff on the target limits this to Slashing attacks.
The debuff was wrong. It applies to all damage. I've updated the tooltip.
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Level 56 Icy Carapace halves the damage of the burst effect when using an air ability.Level 56 Ignite Damage was 100 less than the previous rank. This a subtle nerf or bug?
Icy Carapace for ranks 8 and 9 just had completely wrong values for the explode damage. I've fixed that and they should rank up correctly now.Ignite rank 9 (the level 56 version) had incorrect damage values. Basically it had picked up the exact same values as the level 60 version. Its been brought back down to where it should be.
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Charged Blade doesnt increase all damage by 10% when specced into it.
I've found the issue with Charged Blade and have a fix in the works.
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The Life DOT from Lucent Slash does not proc LGV
This is intentional.
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