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Thread: Golem Factory

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    Lightbulb Golem Factory

    One thing about the golem factory that I remembered from last night, and that was the fact that it was at times difficult for you to see where the bosses spawned. I know its a small area, but it would be better, and more dramatic to have them lit when they appeared, like *pow* here i am.. fear me! instead of lurking in the darkness taunting.

    I also noticed that boss 2 spawned in the same place as boss 1, and as a result, I forgot to pick up the quest item, or at least I think that was what happened. It was late, and I could be mis-remembering. Having bosses spawn in different locations, or at least alternating locations would be better just to give people that bit more time to remember about quests. By the time I remembered about the quest item, the corpse had despawned.

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    Quest: The Golem Foundry
    This was a bit confusing at first, since on the quest list it says it is a dungeon quest, and yet the person you need to talk to isn't in the dungeon.

    Also, when you do speak to her, it brings up the quest popup that says you need to speak to her, and yet you are already doing so. Only when you close the dialogue does it change on your quest log.

    Completed fine when you entered the golem foundry

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