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Thread: Quest: Old Samples... missing quest turn-in NPC?

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    Quest: Old Samples... missing quest turn-in NPC?

    Zone: Steppes of Infinity, Zerzala

    After collecting 8 Old Brevane lab samples from Fort Brevo we are told to go to Zerzala to turn the samples in to NPC Arlan Merkur.

    The quest marker indicates that Arlan should be around /loc 15790,1078,7118 but he does not appear to be anywhere in Zerzala.
    Also attempted to see if he could be targeted with /target Arlan Merkur but that did not work either.

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    Today's hotfix corrected the problem by making Vora Orabel the turn-in NPC.
    BUT when you click on the [FINISHED] button to complete the quest you get disconnected and sent back to character select screen.

    It does turn-in and complete the quest but something in the hotfix is causing the player to be disconnected.

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