So I was just thinking about this like, 3 minutes ago.. making this up as I go along.. and off we go!

Sliver Dimensions could be a great addition depending on how far we want to run with it.

The main way I'm seeing this is allowing us to have a piece of towns that were destroyed long ago. In alternate realities maybe Port Scion, Smith's Haven, and the City-State of Redoubt aren't destroyed. Maybe we could have a small house in Mathosia in a reality without the Shade. Or Hammerknell in its glory days.

You could also take it the other way, and make a Fire-touched Three Springs, or a Death-touched Scarwood Reach Inn.

I realize that this is far beyond what current dimensions are, and would require building most of these from scratch (though I'm pretty sure you guys have a perfect Smith's Haven stored somewhere), but I think it's something that's at least interesting to consider. As with Sliver raids, the possibilities are near endless.

I know that dimensions are supposed to be us owning a spot in the real Telara, but there are those of us who would like to see and own parts of these pieces of history too.