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Pyromancer: Prime: On Beta, Prime creates its own combust stacks, and any combust stacks created by other abilities such as Flamebolt or Fireball will split the stack. i.e. Dummy has 0 combust stacks. Prime is used, now it has 5 combust stacks. Wildfire procs 1 flamebolt is used and creates a combust stack. This causes the 'Prime' stacks to split, so you have a combust of 4 and another stack that is 1. You use another flambolt, combust stacks now become 3 and 2. You use flamebolt twice more. Now the stacks are 1 and 4. I am not sure if this affects damage calculation, but going under the assumption that combust stacks are additive, I imagine it wouldn't. How this affects Fulminate and Fusillade I do not know since I've not had time to test it. I haven't had the chance to double check on live but I do not believe it occurs on live either.
This is an expected oddity while leveling. Combust, like most other damage spells, has ranks you just don't have to train it. Essentially each rank of Fireball procs a specific rank of Combust and the same for all the other Combust proccing abilities. While leveling these abilities don't all rank up at the same time so you end up having abilities applying different ranks of Combust. The issue clears up at level 50 and 60. I'm still searching for a way to have all abilities apply the same rank of Combust regardless of the proccing ability's rank, but haven't found one so far. I'll spend some more time looking into it though.
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