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Thread: Housing vs scratch build and stuff I'd like to see

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    Housing vs scratch build and stuff I'd like to see

    I do like the dimensions but I see two types of people using these. There's the minecraft crowd that will want to scratch build puzzles and all sorts of things and the housing people that want housing they can embellish to their own tastes. The minecraft crowd is covered but the housing folks have few choices.

    Can we please get purpose built housing dimension choices and not necessarily something ripped from existing graphics in game? I'm talking about housing that is designed to be such by the design guys from the very start.

    Also, strong duplication tools would be great. I envision left clicking and dragging a recticle around a cluster of objects allowing me to not only duplicate them to scale but to also move/manipulate the cluster highlighted.

    I would like to see more guild dimension choices, again with an emphasis on purpose built guild halls. IE a large multi level meeting hall which could contain anything from crafting stations to bankers and auctioneers not to mention a display of maybe the heads of bosses killed on the wall or in a case. Again, purpose built to be a guild hall and not just a scene ripped from current artwork that was never designed to be a guild hall.

    Thanks, hope to see more soon

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    I totally agree here, and although dimensions are much more than I expected since all the watered down housing implementations since EQ2 etc. I really wish the devs would log into UO and go build a house. Now THAT was a system, with prebuilt wall templates, roof tiles, windows, floors which you could put exactly where you wanted them on a grid and build super houses, cottages, castles...anything.

    Pics below of my UO house.

    Also, the masses of storage available by crafted/fished up/dug up chests was amazing. All wardrobes and cupboards opened to put stuff in too.
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    I actually prefer this. I spent hours and hordes of plat decorating houses in EQ2. What killed me about it though is I had no yard, etc. The Shimmersand dimension is almost my ideal though of what housing should be.

    All the really need to do is this. First find the right places. Second introduce what they did in EQ2, large partitions and a more robust X/Y/Z access. I added rooms and even expanded the second floor of homes because I could build interior walls and add a floor using specific rugs and other housing items. PS coffins in EQ2 were perfect for making a spiral stair case.

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