Ran through this before and after the pvp test on Gamma with my 60. The story was interesting, the boss that was working looked cool. It was extremely buggy, perhaps cause it was on Gamma (not designed for PVE). But there were a few terrain issues. Alot of mobs were spawning in the ground, and would fall through the world if they aggroed you sometimes. The first boss wouldn't move from his spot. And the chronicle hung after the second boss fight. I think the blue barrier to the left of the porticulium is supposed to lift once you save all the citizens, but it doesn't happen. I spent a good 10 minutes trying different things and running around to make sure I had killed everything.

Even so glad to see another chronicle. I wish you guys would make more of them. I'm sad we never got an ID one. And I hope we get ones for Frozen Tempest and later on Endless Eclipse.