I've tried all four disciplines. It's good to know what my abilities will be at level 50, but I'm swamped. I really need to know which are most important, and which I can put on the back burner. I know some are situational, but getting all at one time, I can't remember what I need when. This is all pretty unimportant for me anyway since it's only a weekend beta. I'm scared to poke my nose outside of the cities.

I'm pretty much a pet class, and I found with Beastmaster my pet died every fight. I'm sure I'm just not using my skills as I could to keep him alive. I don't have this problem with my other class pets. I like to solo and using my Ranger with the razorbeast, I can keep pumping the heals into him between my shots. I do think this experimenting with classes at level 50 is more helpful that doing it at low levels. What kind of guide is most helpful for learning which abilities/skills to use the most?