ATM the weapons for Warriors as as follows, you either go for a 2hander, or you go for a dual wield setup

Both ways of wielding weapons yield the same contribution for attack (theoretically). Dual wielding actually results in alot more stat benefit , something like 10str, 4 dex, 12 end, 9 crit and 8 vengeance (taken from warlord dw/2h). Now that adds up to quite a bit and if you factor in the dw auto attack does more then 2hander auto attack, there is absolutly no reason to go 2hander.

I suggest make the 2handers give more stats, so then its up to the warrior if he wants 2hand for a tiny bit more stats, or dw for more auto attack damage.

I believe it is the same for mages/clerics with staff/ mh oh combo. Makes 2 handers useless imo. This is also a problem for pve, since a 2hand will be sub par for raiders compared to a dw set up.