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Thread: More macro room now!

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    More macro room now!

    There needs to be more macro slots plain and simple.

    Healers that use cast @mouseoverui for every heal, etc and have more than 1 healing build never have enough macros. That is not even including the other 3 builds healers have.

    There are a lot of players that use stopcasting/stopattack macros for a lot of abilities too, thus enabling the ability to go off immediately.

    That is not even including all the special raiding macros that are needed.

    I know macro dependency has decreased but there still is not enough macro space to macro 6 specs properly.

    Stop hampering our specs and give us more macro room please!

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    this post just made me have a sad
    I better not see a game is too easy post from you

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    Quote Originally Posted by Montage View Post
    this post just made me have a sad
    I better not see a game is too easy post from you
    How may I ask is your post constructive in any way? Go away troll.

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    Use a healing addon, they are quite useful. I have 3+ healing specs at any time and no healing spell macros.

    You should not need very many /stopcasting macros.

    As for "special raiding macros", do tell. I see a WG macro for chloros, maybe a purge macro for purgers and...uh...yeah. Use voip for all that stuff.
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    I agree that there could be some macro expansion, but I think it'll be more necessary when coupled with additional Roles. I think the current number of macro slots is just fine for our number of roles, but if you increase the number of roles, an increase in macro amount would be nice.

    As far as the above responses:
    Use of macro's has almost nothing to do at all with the difficulty of the game and restricting the number you can have is an awful way of limiting the amount they can 'make the game easy'. If you want to adjust the difficulty of the game via interacting with macros, doing things like reducing the number of abilities with CDs/etc (as is being done) is a good way. Limiting the number of macros capable of being made is a bad one.

    As far as healing addons go, this is almost a worse response in that it suggests that instead of the game being able to support your desires through (what I imagine) is an easy increase in macro number, that instead you should be completely reliant on a 3rd party to create an addon that allows you to play; or of course, you can learn how to create your own addon to be able to play. Yeah... no. The 'voip' suggestion is at least somewhat more beneficial in terms of availability (reliance on vent/mumble/etc is far more accepted than reliance on niche addons that can bug out with patches), but it still fails to take into account that not everyone wants to communicate everything over voice chat AND voice chat is not a base part of the game (and thus, should not be *required*).

    The tone of Atropis's post at least seems to be one where he may be attempting to help solve the problem, but it by no means changes the validity of the base request. Personally, I like the idea of more macro slots just so that I can more easily respec between a wide variety of roles and still have plenty of macros slots available. I also like to do silly little things like canclebuff Entropic Veil on a Radiant Spores macro, not because I *need* to but because it can situationaly help prevent mistakes. I also have a /say line in my rez and a /raid line in my battle rez, as well as a macro for changing roles and gearsets together, as well as many others for little quality of life things.

    TLDNR: if they add more role slots, which I hope they will, then more macro slots would be useful too.

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    I have not needed too many macro slots, but that is because I tend to stick to specs that have many of the same souls. However I know that this isn't always the case, and many people do still want more macro slots.

    I would like to say that there is one macro change I would like to see, and that is the ability to sort your macros. Currently once you save the macro, it is in that slot, and if you delete a macro, you cannot move others up or to take its place without rewriting it etc. Being able to shift macros up and down in the list would be really useful for keeping your macros tidy and neat.

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    Well if you break it down by 6 specs 50/6=8.33 repeating so 8. That is 8 macros per spec....

    Now if you are like me and have 4 save/equip macros, an act on/off macro, ready check macro, karuuls alert macro, and a raid targeting macro, etc that is one specs macros gone right there.

    I play with a g13/g300 combo so the less I have to type the better. Especially during raids. I also use a stopcasting/stopattack macro for every ability ex: aoe cleanse, interrupts, silences, cooldown abilities as needed (essence surge etc...) I want the ability used asap after that global cool down. Not after I finish a attack/cast plus the GCD.

    I also find it especially useful to have some macro to target a specific player and use certain abilities.

    I guess I am weird I like to use macros to play with max speed, efficiency, control, and minimize typing.

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    That is also forgetting the announce macros like rezz, battle rezz, and special cool downs like flaring power etc.

    Trion developers always ignore more macro room requests for some reason. This is the 3rd or 4th time now I have posted a post like this I am probably wasting my time writing this one also.

    I honestly do not know how players play without all these types of macros...

    As far as the healing addon I have always found proper keybinds/macros to be way faster, and provide more flexibility than any addon.

    If every raid did not require me to have king boss whatever ui mod installed it never would have been. I find it quite useless and a huge waste of screen real estate.

    Jokes on them though I have it installed for the check in the box for that other useless ui mod that scans the raid but I have every feature of King boss disabled...

    I do not need a ui to alert me to boss events 3/4 of the time it is wrong anyhow lol. My character survives quite fine without it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teufelshunde View Post
    .... have 4 save/equip macros....
    Get gadgets outfitter and save yourself 4 macros.

    I was aloso wondering if you could cut down to 1 rez macro, someone else would have to tell me if the following works no matter what soul you are in:

    /raid Rezzing %T
    cast soulaRez
    cast soulbRez
    cast soulcRez

    I do think it should work as it would just skip to whatever rez you actually have available. Sorry I dont know the actual rez names nor have a cleric to test that with.

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    if you mean for example

    #show Life's Return
    cast Life's Return
    cast Flash of the Phoenix
    cast River of Life

    yes that works, although you do gett he annoying white message telling you a skill doesn't exist til it finds the one that actually works....I do wish the suppressmacrofailures would work to get rid of that.

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