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Thread: Ardent Domain quest and environment feedback

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    Lightbulb Ardent Domain quest and environment feedback

    My first bit of feedback for this region is that there was no actual directions to how to get into Ardent Domain. I was very much left with two quests to hand in from the end of the story quests in Eastern Holdings, to handin in the upper region of AD with no idea how to get there. I tried climbing over mountains, going in through a road into Kingsward, and in the end found a way in over mountains at 6618,10317 and only by working my way along the border there did I find King's Corridor and some quests that I hadn't found somehow in City Core.

    For the quests that lead you to find Gloria Lucia ('last entry, first hope' and 'looking for group') it would be advisable to give players a hand in finding the way there, either by opening up a porticulum point near the handin, or by targeting a place where it is the easiest to get there. In the past, you had quests that led you from place to place, such as checking on guards or trading points or something. It would be useful to have something like this here.

    Off the Vine
    Picked up the items fine. I like the fact that some of them were sitting on the vines above water and you had to work out how to get up there. It wasn't difficult, but it was a bit different, which was good. Amusing handin response.
    Completed fine.

    Environment: Witch's Thicket
    There was a fish stuck in a vine above water around 6287,9798

    One way Thicket
    This quest was a bit of a surprise for me, since it wasn't actually asked of me. Someone was killing the witch and I gave a hand, thinking they were on a quest. The witch down, the quest item was on the body. Huzzah!
    Completed fine, and an achievement .. Huzzah!

    Last Entry, First Hope
    Completed fine

    Looking for Group
    Completed fine.

    We Unhappy Few
    This quest doens't quite work as intended I fear.

    Talking with Gloria Lucia works fine, you click her and she talks. I am then meant to take a tour of supplies with Danni Lucia, however Danni is not there beside the woman, and there is no sign of where to go. When I was hesitating, this part of the quest auto-completed.
    I am then meant to view the shelter with Danni, and despite not getting to see either Danni or the shelter, this part auto-completed as well after a few seconds.
    I am then meant to be introduced to Brother Vance. I have not yet moved from Gloria at the entrance, and yet this part auto-completed as well.

    However, the last bit, the handin stage does work as intended. The way he speaks to me is... interesting. He either appears to be at a loss for words in awe, or extremely concecending. Either way, it adds interest.

    The Savage Inside
    Perhaps it is just how he greeted me last time or the fact he is pretty religious, but I am extremely suspicious of this man, Brother Vance.

    Ah, yes, my suspicions were correct, though this is perhaps an error in spawning, for there are two Jerald Torril's standing next to the 'good' brother. One is laying down on the table, (assuming this one is the one that should be here) and the second is standing, who then tells me "Thank you enough for saving me at the auditorium. I can't believe I let Brother Vance convince me I was transforming into a mutant." Two things about this.. I don't believe I have got to that part of the quest yet, and second it should be 'I cannot thank you enough for saving me' or 'Thank you so much for saving me'
    On the actual quest itself, you have to put one item to another place, both sparkle. It would be clearer if only the one you are needing to touch sparkled, and then when you have done that, the second one sparkles. Not a bit problem, but will make it easier for people, especially since there are so many parts to this.
    Completed fine.

    Grasping at Humanity
    Okay.. so this completed fine. The trousers were a nice upgrade for me to. However it says that her brother has been banished to the wilds, and yet two versions of him still stand in the bunker beside her. I feel like this quest should lead onto another quest that is missing, to go out and retrieve him, either before or after dealing with brother vance.

    Cat Tamer
    A nice easy quest. I like the fact that the cats actually appear and start to work when you complete the quest. A pity they dont stay for long though, but I guess that would be too difficult since you don't have instanced quests. Still, you made Brother vance disappear from the bunker on the completion of the story quest, would be nice to keep the cats.

    Escape Route
    Completed fine.

    Seems like there is no option here but to kill him. The quest itself doesn't make it clear what sort of creature Bellcini used to be, whether human or pet, so for all I know, it could look like it always used to lol. Might want to edit the text of the quest a little so it is clearer if you are meant to put it out its misery.
    Completed fine.

    Hidden in Plain Sight
    Completed fine

    Environment: Turnis Valley
    There is a stray bit of water, hovering over other water at around 5473,9283

    Environment: Soros Estate
    Fell through a gap between different roof parts and got stuck between buildings and the rock at around 5232,9557
    House you go into at 5241,9671 for quest has part of another house coming through the back wall. Also, if this was meant to be one of the leading members of the community.. the hosue is incredibly sparse.. they all are. Not even any furniture wreckage.
    The hole in the paving at 5299,9723 is pretty deep and shows up the fact that the paving doesn't actually sit on anything. Might want to raise the soil up a bit.

    A Proper Burial
    I liked this quest. It had a proper sense of consequences about it, not just bodies disappearing from your packs. I liked it a lot.
    Completed fine.

    Carnage: City Sweep
    Completed fine.

    The last days of the Soros Estate
    Completed fine.

    Environment: Temple of Thonic
    Artifact hanging in mid-air, unable to be collected at around 4578,9995
    There is another artifact hovering off the ground at 4584,10044 that I was able to pick up, but was not sitting on anything.

    I was sort of disappointed that Balzari Mephiso didnt have a quest item or something on him. Perhaps he is part of a quest I havn't picked up yet, but he didn't give anything in loot for finding him. Ah well.
    Mob walking in midair at around 4537,10028. Seemed to be walking off the edge of a building and just kept going.

    A frozen vine can be walked into because its end is not there at around 4561,9728

    Got given a regal bag (16 slot) from a mob. Kind of pointless don't you think? Mobs around here should be dropping bags with greater slots than this in my opinion.

    Scattered Scriptures
    When I went to hand this one in, I had to click on 'rotting remains' which was actually not rotting remains, just a dagger in the ground. Might want to put a rotting corpse there to if you call it that.

    Carnage: Fetid Water
    This was really difficult for me. As a level 55 trying to kill level 57 it was hard, but I have killed them before, and I didn't have this much difficulty self-healing. These though, its the stacking dots they put on. I struggle to stay alive with just one mob, and although with other mobs i can take on several and survive the same, two of these and I am dead, and dead fast. The dots do a ton of damage as well as their melee hits. I usually don't notice stuff like this, but the rate I was dying, I noticed this. Every mob I had to stop and drink half or more of my health back up. Sometimes it would go down to 1/3 or 1/4 health.

    Because of the difficulty, I actually never completed this quest. Ill try go back when I am higher level. It is telling though that of all of the ones in the area, I could only not finish this one.

    Carnage: Grave Tidings
    These mobs require me to sit and drink after every fight to get back half my health. I know I am level 55 to their 57, but it seems a bit extreme. It completed fine though.

    Carnage: Bat attack
    I thought this was going to be as annoying as the zombies ones, but these bats didn't put dots on me, and were able to be killed easily. So I was happy. It was a blessed relief after the other mobs in the area.
    Completed fine.

    Return to Dust
    Wish I had picked up this quest before I completed the carnage quests in the area.
    Completed fine.

    Eyes in the Darkness
    Ah.. guess this was the quest I was hoping for when I killed Balzari Mephiso earlier. Back to the temple underground then I guess.
    Completed fine.

    Remembering the Fallen
    This completed fine, though it was a pain having to go all the way around the entire complex just to get to the other part of the cemetery. Would have been nice to have a bridge between them. Another nice feature might be if you actually had to pick the flowers from around the place to put on the graves. That being said, I liked this quest. It was good.

    The Real Brother Vance
    Hrm.. I get the feeling I should probably have handed in the quests back at the Turnis Bunker earlier as this is the first time I have come across this bit of the story that Brother Vance is not what he appears to be, although I had my suspicions. I hope that this part of the story quest will not ruin the earlier parts I have not yet done. The chain doesn't seem to be quite as solid as it should be in that regard.
    Also, Brother Vance is meant to be waiting to ambush me and yet he is somewhere I had not intended to go really. I am actually having to go and seek him out. The wording of the quest could be clarified a little.

    As for the battle itself, this was a pain. I did defeat him in the end, but I pity people who cannot do ranged attacks. The stunning thing was horrible. I guess that is the point though, he is meant to be a difficult and tricky foe to beat.

    Upon handing in this quest, it was good that brother vance was now not in the bunker. However she does say that 'now we know where the storehouse is, we'll organize supply runs' and yet, I dont remember finding that. I remember fighting undead and zombies and killing bats, and of course brother vance, but not a storehouse. An error there? or am I missing a quest maybe?

    Nice weapon upgrade for me here though.

    Overall, it feels like I have missed a couple of quests in the story or something.

    Making Progress
    Completed fine

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    Looking back at the map, it seems to me that there is perhaps a quarter of it still covered by grey on the south-west, meaning that the quests never took me there. Perhaps there are more quests there that the story quests never took me to. I'll do a better search of that later and add more feedback if I find any.

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    NPC Jerald Torril: Auditorium Carnos
    I just found Jerald Torril in here (5395,10125) standing around. He says that I should stay away, and that he doesn't know when he will turn. I expect this npc is part of the quest chain that went missing in the earlier parts. I only came to this part of the zone because it was still greyed out after doing all the quest chains. He offers no quest or anything, just standing around.

    Weapons of the Gladiators
    Completed fine.

    Carnage: Eternal Slaughter
    These were reidiculously easy to kill. Nice change.
    Completed fine

    Awakened visions
    It was a bit of a strange telescope. Not sure the effect worked to give the impression of one, but the quest completed fine.

    Environment: Auditorium Carnos
    The foothold that spawns at 5610,10196 is mostly underground.

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