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Thread: Tactician questions debates and discutions

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    Tactician questions debates and discutions

    Hi, i tested several hours the tactician ( thanks trion for this fun and wonderful soul ( imo) btw) so let's talk about some ideas and let's debate about this soul

    I'll talk mostly about the dps side of the thing ( althought a lot 'll argue htat it's a support soul, not a dps one, it is a very strong aoe soul, and very fun to play)

    The better sub-soul trees seem to be Markman and Bard.
    Riftstalker for soloing of course, and Saboter can be debated

    1) The first and most important question to debate around seems to be, how are the tactician damages calculated? What talents upgrade or do not upgrade them? This will tell us which sub-soul take.

    + attack power, + dexterity, or + %damage work ofc

    but do talents as " increase your damage with ranged weapon " work? That is the real question

    in fact, we must test a few talents:

    - Keen eye: increases power attack with ranged weapon
    -sniper training: increases chaneled attack damages ( this one works)
    -collateral damages : increase damages with ranged weapons
    -controled fire: increase damages with ranger weapon

    - Combat wounds: increase damages over time ( does it include torrents?)

    2) how to dps in exec time? necrotic torrent seems great, but a massive necrotic bolt spam, under necrotic core (+30% bolt damage) seems very very powerfull too .

    3) What is the point to use " Energy alteration " (44 th point) ? I tested and really didnt find any way to use it smartly ! Perhaps a quick switch when we are energy starved after a long torrent session?

    4) Can't we think the tactician to be able to really main heal, with "restorative bolt "( 58th point), as a main tank heal, with all our hots, rays, torrents, engines and cie ?

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    Im tying to figure out what the intended rotation is for Tactictian.

    Using Torrents puts a debuff on you that is removed with Torrent Primer. When you get to 5 stacks you have 0 energy so you need to wait to use anything. After 5 stacks you use a combo generator to give you 5 combo points to use Torrent Primer. Again you have 0 energy. So you have to use a combo generator with a finisher that gives energy to the point where you have all your energy back. At that point Torrent Primer is at ~16 seconds. You also need to be using Currative Remote, Currative Core and Currative Beam.

    With all that I dont see a fluid rotation with the timers and energy issue.

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    58 point ability NEEDS to be changed. Goes against the principle of the tactician. Aoe Heals+Aoe Damage.

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