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Thread: Dimension List Changes needed

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    Lightbulb Dimension List Changes needed

    Help button on the items list popup
    There are several things I like and dislike about the dimension Items list. I mean, it is pretty simple, and with these sorts of things, simple is better. But you haven't made clear enough what the different bits are used for.

    For instance, there is a text box under the title bar, and yet nothing is in it, and nothing does show on it. Secondly, there are two tabs, each saying 'Button' and can be selected and deselected, but what are their purpose? The hints menu says nothing about this, and for the life of me I can't figure it out.

    I think there should be a little help button on the items pop-up that gives information on how to use it, since the information is not on the hints and tips button on the dimensions UI.

    Item grouping
    I would like there to be an option where you could have items in the list of the same type grouped, and be able to select each one individually from a drop down arrow. This would mean that I would be able to select the same items easily, instead of having to scroll through a very long list of items of different sorts.

    Having items able to be sorted by name, item type or both would also be super useful, especially when the number of dimensions items grows, (and the size of dimensions) that sort of thing is going to be quite needful.

    Item grouping 2
    In addition to the above idea, I would also like there to be a way that you could select several items and have a button that would group them, and they would stay grouped if you off-clicked to move something else. If used with the above idea, grouped items could have a list of their own, so you could make up custom pieces of furniture or architecture and not have to worry about accidentally changing them when moving house etc.

    Looking at the tabs, it got me thinking. It would be useful to have a tab for items that are currently placed within your house, and another tab for items that are currently not placed and are stored.

    To this end, I would also add that I think that there should be a button for the quick selection of dimension items in your bags to be placed in the storage section, so that you don't need to carry them around all the time, or place them individually in order to store them.

    Placing objects from the list
    I have also found it frustrating when trying to place objects from the items list. These do not work like the ones in your bags, you cannot copy and paste them, you have to place them first, and then bag them, then go back and select the item you want to copy, then do it. It is frustrating. It would be far better if the stored items in your dimensions list acted like they were in your bags, much like your bank does for crafting.

    Select all
    I think that it would be really useful to have a way to select items that were in your list, and a select all button. This would not only be handy when placing, moving and adjusting items, but also would mean that you could clear out your stored items quickly if you wanted.

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    I was just going to post something along the same lines. I agree with you 100% But another problem I see is the items in your "storage" add to the count for dimension items. I packed up and moved to another dimension. And it said I had 150 items towards my limit already, even though I had not placed anything yet.
    If i took anything out of my bags and added it then my count went up by 1. In my opinion only items actually placed in the dimension should affect the count. What would happen if I decided to move from a VERY large dimension with say 800 items in it. To a small dimension where the max limit was less then 800. I wouldn't be able to build anything there.
    As for what the OP said. anything you copy should automatically come out of your stored items first, before being taken from your bags. As items taken from your storage don't add to the count as it stands now.

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    More Items

    I also think the item limit should be upped (for plat of course) as 1000 items just isn't enough when you get free reign to build anything you want!

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