A couple of these were posted in the quest sections before, but I didn't know if the environment person would check those, so reposting those, and others here. Will add more if I come across them

Environment: The Crawl
I like the idea of having these massive bones scattered around the place, but I have seen no real reason for how they got here, or from what they are from. Perhaps I missed reading part of the lore somewhere, but I have been trying to read it all, and nothing really was said, other than the fact all the dragons of the Bloodstorm left in the past. Even if these were some of the dragon bones of the Bloodstorm, surely they are too big? How did they get here, and who erected them in such a manner?

Something that bothers me more though is the fact that this place, the Crawl, is meant to be a safe haven or a refuge for people in the area, and yet there are no defences, nothing keeping anything out. The bones themselves couldn't keep anything but the most gigantic of creatures out, and surely even then, they could get in the roof or just knock the whole structure over. If they have managed to get a porticulum up, surely they could have managed to get some manner of living conditions up to.. you know, beds, shelter, defences.. According to the lore in the area, the Overseer only keeps the undead away from Necropolis, not here, which leaves a massive gap in defences here. I just feel that more can certainly be done to make this camp more realistic. The massive bones aside, (which i do love btw) there needs to be some manner of fortification or way of hiding the camp from attackers. Indeed, although the fact that this area is in a dip in the landscape hides it somewhat on a couple of sides, it also means that it is like a bowl, where enemies will have the higher ground etc. There needs to be some defences here, some way of making it seem like a viable place to retreat to, and more than just an open space with nothing but a porticulum, two campfires, a res point and a random bit of tech in it. It just feels really unfinished.

Environment: The Hollow
I am struck, yet again in this zone about the lack of practicalities here. You have these massive structures that are mostly intact, and yet people are not using them. You would think that with the weather, and attacks from above, people would want some manner of cover, not to leave all their belongings and foodstuffs out where they can be attacked. Not only that, the buildings have no doors, and no other way of entering them, now or in the past. Come on Trion, you can do better than this. Disappointing.

Environment: General
I like some of the features of Seratos, such as the huge bones, the slick and spiky growths, the bubbly texture of corruption on some surfaces, and the glowing purple in the roots of trees. I am also a huge fan of the rocky bridge area that has strands of corruption hanging across it, even perhaps holding it up 10757,5666

I am however a bit disappointed with how purple and samey the land looks, and how little thought about the practicalities of living that seems to have, thus far, been put in. I was heartened back when the initial artists impressions were released that Seratos wouldn't be a purple land, but one much more gory or even putrid looking it was, still death, but more hardcore and disgusting ( link here ). I have to say, that nothing here has really disgusted me like the artists impression hinted at. The closest thing was the boss from the Dream Hive, and that wasn't even in this region. I mean, sure, this land has huge bones in interesting configurations, and it has some extra textures, but it doesn't really seem to have as much interest as I hoped it would, and it is too purple!

I really hope that a lot more work is going into the environment of Seratos and that these initial impressions are just that, rather than the finished product, because that would be pretty disappointing.

What is not disappointing is the Pus Swamp. Very nice. Or, when I say nice, I mean horrible. It is better by far than the previous areas to the north and west to be sure, though still looks a little unpolished in bits ie, a good bit of pulsing pustules sitting against a normal looking sandy riverbed slope, which looks a little unfinished. The pustules remind me very much of the demonic corruption seen in Dragon Age. I see the clouds have turned from purple to orange.

Even in the pus swamp however it does seem quite copy + paste in areas.

I know my post probably does come across quite negative, but I know you can do way better than what we are seeing so far, and I want rift to shine!