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Thread: Necropolis environment feedback

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    Lightbulb Necropolis environment feedback

    Environment: Necropolis
    Coming into the caves towards the necropolis, I was struck that these cave/tunnels would make a good dimension all on their own. There is nothing like that so far, and I think it would be good to have more areas that do not already have construction on them to play with.

    I would say that the sky, and indeed the sky that seems to be across all of Seratos, needs a little bit of work, not because I think that the type of swirling is unrealistic, for who is to say what the elements would do to the weather, but because the pattern of the weather repeats too often and is too obviously doing so. I do like the colours of the weather that change the further the distance you get.

    Talking of colours, that is something that I wanted to talk a little bit about in Seratos. I think it is generally too universally purple. I know that is the colour of the death element in rift, but there are ways of having death in the area without it being so hued everywhere. It looks like the land is pretty normal but has a purple filter put on top of it, and especially in a land that is mostly barren of anything except bones, it gets a little bit samey. Rocks are still rock no matter if they are in a death area, and these rocks are purple. It would be nice if they were grey with bits of purple corruption growing on them or something. Some of this can of course be blamed on the fact that the land is covered by purple clouds that filter the light into the hue, but even in areas where there is other lighting, it seems to just be like that, such as the floor inside the main building of the Necropolis which even has purple grouting. I think that turning down the purple hue in some areas, especially areas that are more resistant to regulos, such as the Necropolis, would definitely be a good thing. I personally get bored of areas that all look the same, and colour has a lot to do with that. The Necropolis would look far better if it didn't have as much of a purple hue as it does, and be far more interesting.

    From a lore point of view, you would think that people who survive in such a land would want a haven away from the deathly light. People with technology, such as they have could be used to counteract the lighting of the area, and likely also have an impact on the ease of which things might be grown.

    Another aspect of lighting that I was hoping could be slightly improved upon is the yellow light coming from some of the houses/tombs. Don't get me wrong, I like them there, it is just that they come from no physical light-source, and appear to be there for no practical reason. If they were coming from, say, inside a window then that would be better, but as it is, they are shining from a stone wall in places, such as the blue building on the top level at 10787,4774.

    Practically speaking, there is much to be said for this town, assuming of course that people don't mind sharing their space with the dead. However I do feel that the place hasn't really been utilized enough. There are spaces, such as on the ground level where there is a room carved into the rock-face that is completely empty of anything except its pristine walls. Surely the survivors would have used this space, and others like it more? Also, the places that have shopkeepers don't really have any trappings of such inside or out, so more detail would be great. I do think that the tavern/inn area is good, but difficult to find, as the sign-posts don't really stand out, nor does the building really. Ill write more about its interior in another section. But yeah, the practicalities of a group of people living in this as a sanctuary for a long period of time needs a bit of work.

    Another practicality is food. You do see people gathering herbs and plants from around here, and I had to wonder whether these would be okay to eat. After all, a death zone isn't exactly the best place to have growing plants. Still, there are a lot of plants and flowers growing around the Necropolis, which I like, but I think that people would be better off having plants growing indoors as well, or in vegetable patches. A dedicated area for growing food and keeping animals for food, because gathering herbs just won't be enough to feed this many people, it would destroy what little plant-life there is through over-foraging. I can see the defiant using technology to augment indoor plant production, and the old brevane technologies seemed to be somewhat along those lines to. I can't see why the Overseer wouldn't have implemented such as long as he had the resources to do so.

    Water is also an issue, and I have seen precious little of it here. True, there is a small pool and waterfall nearby, but I don't see any sign of a trail from the Necropolis to it inside the guarded area, or even a path, or indeed pipes to bring it in. Without safeguarding the water source, the people of the Necropolis could well be destroyed, especially if the death energy in the region contaminates it. It would be better to have a source of fresh water inside the boundaries of the town.

    When you come out and see the area, I was impressed by the scale of it, and even more so when I realized that you could traverse the different levels and explore the upper reaches. People seem to be taking some pride in making it a place of refuge, thanks to the lanterns etc all over the place, though some of them disappear into the sides of rock, such as at 11058,4923.

    I like the fact that there are some of the doors open that lead into caves (and the fact that if you go deep enough into some caves, you find a hidden path. That made me so happy) etc, although I would like to see far more of this. There are far too many places that are shut off. Some of this is reasonable, given that this is a cemetery, however there are doors that are not tombs that I would dearly have loved to explore, but cannot because they will not open. As an player who gets a great deal of enjoyment out of exploration and scenery, I would have loved to see more of this interaction in the town. I love going to a place and exploring it for the first time, and finding hidden passageways, rooms, things that give you the feeling that you are one of the first people ever to have found something for hundreds of years. Some of those areas that are there could do with seeming more lived-in, or re-found than they are. They just appear too clean and unused. Surely even the teleport room would have been used for other things as well.

    Overall, the town needs a bit of work here and there to polish it. More needs to be done about the practicalities of people living there (because although some people don't really notice such things, it does add to immersion even to them). Some of the buildings to need a little more love, such as the one on the lower level here 11048,4893. This building in particular caught my attention because of the wooden balcony that has been added on to the side of it. Now, that in itself isn't bad, and I like the fact that it is falling down due to building disrepair, but what was the reason for it being there in the first place? The building isn't being used, because all the windows around there are solid, and there is no way to get up to that wooden area anyway unless it has disappeared over time.

    Likewise, the lighting at the top of the building of the blue section doesn't adhere to nature, being that it has spread across the roof of the window like there are not supports in the way, and thus looks unnatural (even if you ignore the fact there is no light source). The lighting on the windows to the north of those ones looks much better.

    I do like the fact that the base of the building is in visibly bad repair, but again, its the practicalities. I saw a forager come and go from this doorway several times while writing this, which means this building is in use. However the doorway is far too small for a person to easily get in and out, something I wouldn't bother about considering the circumstances, but for the fact that the door itself is partially blocked shut by the slippage of earth going down the hill. To fix the non-lighting issues, all that would need to be done is to move the earth down a little around the door so it is more accessible, and put a doorway in the frame above the wooden structure so that it has a reason for being there.

    Likewise, a building a little further up from it also has the same wooden platform, but no doorway, just blocked windows.

    Rocks at mid-level 10845,4988 and 10837,4970 are not solid, you can walk through them in places. The ground at 10805,4907 is also like this

    Stairway at 10819,4840 leads to no door, only blocked up windows. Doesn't look right. Also, the side of the staircase further down doesn't seem that solid as i fell into the side of it.

    Chamber of preparation
    Liked finding this room. More could be done to make it look better though. Lots of candles here, but none of them are lit, if you lit some of them, it would bring a nice feel to the place. There are also no supplies back here that would be useful for the preparation of the bodies, such as bandages, cleaning cloths and basins or whatever things these people need to inter the dead.

    I feel the room is really odd as well, with the stone almost seeming to grow out of the walls into the chamber (not something stone is known for doing), and there being part of a window area of a tomb jutting into it and cut off (the bits of this building also don't fit well together and you can see through the edge). Seems kind of odd. The wall on the south-east side of the room isn't set quite far enough back, and you can see the nice stonework behind the uncut stuff.

    I would also note that although there is subsidence everywhere else, and decay, there shows no sign of it here, which might be a good thing, if they are taking this much care. I like the small details in the architecture here that the floor dips around the pillars to put them in a slight hollow, and the recessed candles. Not many bodies though. Do they end up cremating people?

    The Thirsty Skull
    I really liked finding this, but I think that it could be a little more obvious to players. I would have thought that residents would want to differentiate between the places of the living and the places of the dead more.

    Inside, it is lovely. I do like the way that they have worked around the natural rock (though in places the rock has moved out too far, such as in the center of the room at the top, where the rock overlaps the blocked up window area, which wouldn't happen). I also really like the fact that there is lighting that supplements the purple hue to temper it more. I really wish the purple/magenta would go though, there is no purple light in here, and yet all the floor and rock surfaces are.

    I was also heartened to see all the house doorways in here. It was a joy to finally find where people have been living. However, most of the doorways are blocked by tables or stalls. Why?! People have to live in there somewhere, and they wouldn't have access if there are those things in the way. I would also have loved to be able to go INTO those houses and rooms. Hint hint.

    Still, the stalls in this area is a good idea, just not in front of doors. I think more of the shopkeepers should be in this area, rather than outside, because it is a more sensible place for them, in an area that is safe and sociable, like an indoor market.

    I would also like to see the bartender actually sell things to me. She is meant to be selling alcohol right? if not other things, and yet she offers me nothing. Haverno Nirigate makes strange alcohols as well, but again, he is selling me nothing. Do they not sell to outsiders? They don't seem that antisocial.
    My final thing of contemplation for this area are the huge metal statues. I really really want to pull on that hanging dagger and see what happens. Maybe it opens up a tunnel (the joy!). Come on trion, interaction is the spice of life!

    The Sub-Chamber
    As stated in the quest feedback earlier, I loved this area. It was new and not in shades of purple. It was like finding something unexplored, which I loved. I love the little anti-chambers, mainly because of the lighting (I am, if you hadn't guessed, a bit of a lighting fanatic). It gave the place a completely different feel.

    The downside I could see with this area was that it seemed a bit under-utilised. No one seems to come down here at all, and other than the 'rats' there seems no reason not to. It certainly isn't tainted by death magic and is probably the safest place in the entire place, and the one least reminiscent of the dead. I would have thought that would appeal to at least some people.

    On a technical level, I do love the floor of the place, however some of the cogs don't actually fit together, which is what cogs are meant to do. One of the largest is just turning without purpose. Also, after being down there, the re-emergence into the purple is particularly harsh.

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    Whomever took away the purple sky and lighting from over the Necropolis.. THANK YOU!!! <3

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