After doing beta one and two I was already grandmaster in Apothecary and Foraging. That's far to easy if you can get it done in about a week. But im finding runecrafting to be very hard to level up as I don't have outfitter or armorsmithing with butchering to runebreak items I make, I'm still at level 317. This I think is how it should be but im still making runes that are green and yellow and not levelling up 1 point making about 8 runes. In the past you always had a orange rune to make that guaranteed you would go up 1 level but it's not the case now. Also having so few gear-lesser drops to break makes it even harder for someone with my crafts.

So where is the balance? Some crafts need to be harder and some easier because there is no joy in achieving grandmaster in one week and there is no joy in making 8 runes a day and not going up one level.