((For real this time, I even asked in game first and everything, then spent 30 minutes making sure everything was exactly as I'm about to describe))

So, continuing to test out the defiler spec that I want to run, I noticed that passively procced heals, such as Husk of Indifference (Yes it's an absorb, but the relevant tooltips for this all specify they should work off of absorbs as well) via Cardial Conversion or Foul Growth via Rampant Growth, do not proc Caregiver's Blessing, which is supposed to proc off of any single target Heal or Absorb.

This might seem intentional, because you are essentially getting a proc off of a proc (I feel like a "Yo dawg, I heard you like..." is appropriate here), but both Husk of Indifference and Foul Growth, when applied passively via their respective talents, do in fact proc Sign of Wrath.

Just so it's clear:

Caregiver's Blessing - Causes single target healing and absorption spells to apply Caregiver's Blessing for 10s. Absorbs 24 damage. Lasts 1h.
Sign of Wrath - Causes the Cleric's single target healing and absorption spells to apply Sign of Wrath for 15s.

As you can see, both of these abilities have the same proc requirements according to their respective tooltips, but in practice they are not proccing the same.

You can test this as a Defiler by casting Feedback with both Buffs active and no stacks of foul growth or any other heals active. Casting Feedback will cause you to proc a Husk of Indifference since you cast a heal. At the same time, you will get of proc of Sign of Wrath on yourself but you will not get a proc of Caregiver's Blessing.

You can also test this by casting any damaging ability while your Beacon is out. Casting a damage ability will cause your beacon to proc a stack of Foul Growth which, when its timer runs out and the heal actually goes off, will also proc Sign of Wrath, but not Caregiver's.