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Thread: Boosted Recovery bug/annoying feature

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    Boosted Recovery bug/annoying feature

    Boosted Recovery heals with 10 ticks at 1 second intervals. The problem is that the first tick happens 1 second after the kill. The result is that every time you kill something you lose one tick of healing from the previous boosted recovery. For example if you kill two mobs, one at 0 seconds and another one at 5 seconds the healing ticks would happen at 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15. Theoretically it would be possible to keep killing mobs and never get a single heal until you stop killing. I parsed some aoe grinding and there is plenty of ticks missed because of this so it's not just theoretical either, the effect is noticeable.

    Better solution would be to scale the heal from 10 ticks to 11 ticks and add the 11th as an immediate tick. If there is a balance concern that it shouldn't tick too many times per second then it should have an internal cooldown of 1 second to prevent that.

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    It's been changed now to tick directly when a mob dies. I'm wondering though if it's not overpowered now. Imagine pulling 10 mobs, they all die at the same time, so every death gives you one tick. Could be the same in pvp, since you probably just have to tag a lot of people for it to trigger.

    I guess we'll have to see how it works out, but I do expect every rogue to go 8 RS in a pvp build now and complaints will rain. :P

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    If you heal massive amounts in pvp just from this then you would be winning anyway. One tick doesn't heal that much and your AP is low with pvp gear too since it has vengeance instead of AP.

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    How much AP do you have at that point? Like 4k? So that'd be 600 HP per tick. If you kill 20 enemies in a warfront at the same time, that will be 12k HP healed in one hit. With top pvp gear you'll be on 35k HP. I guess in situation it's still not bad and it's not very likely that you kill 20 people within one second. :P

    You're right I guess, it'll work out fine.

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    You are only at around 2k AP with warlord gear.

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