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Thread: Concerning Reckoning

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    Concerning Reckoning

    When I first looked at it I thought Reckoning was our upgraded form of Strike of Judgement, and I still think that was the intent. Only after I specced for it did I realize that it is a long range skill. It still does higher damage than Strike of Judgement, so I incorporated it into my ST rotation. After awhile I noticed I was having mana issues and realized why... since it's a spell it's not making me regen mana with purpose. Was this intended? So our downside to purpose is not only loss of conviction generation but lower damage since we have to use Strike of Judgement?

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    Go look at that post, I cover the damage difference on Reckoning vs SoJ+VotWS (which is higher damage).

    I see reckoning as more of a replacement for the damage lost from Sovereignty.

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