So 1.11 hits and Champion gets completely gutted and warriors across the board have struggled for builds that are not power starved, can do ST and AoE in one build.

We are presented with 51RB build where alot of the dps going by the meters was coming from Riftwalk. Hey I admit it was OP and needed a nerf.

Here is my problem and it has been my problem with Trion, since 1.0 when this game released. So just testing on live Riftwalk was about 24-25% of my dps which I said was excessive.

Now on BETA it is down to 4%. This is a prime example of over killing something and has my biggest pet peeve. What justifies a 20% nerf on a skill?

I do not see to many of warrior companions crying because they still think Paragon is safe which it will not be for long after Rogues start crying that build is OP also.

What happened to the ability to nerf something in pvp and leave it alone in pve? Has Trion just forgotten how to do this?

Why not just back it down to say 15% of our dps?