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Thread: -Beta #2 Warrior Feedback, post update

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    -Beta #2 Warrior Feedback, post update

    Greetings fellow Warriors, Devs and Forum Moderators!

    So Beta #2 has come and gone and as such I have my notes prepared ahead of forum closure! The following are what I have experienced thus far in Storm Legion from the Warrior class.

    I tried playing as many variants as possible of our souls and as many roles as possible to the greatest extent possible. As such the following issues seem to be overarching between souls and may need to be looked at again.

    Energy Regen - For souls that have the ability to reduce energy cost, refund energy or have a 6s channel to allow for energy regen there doesn't seem to be an issue. However there is a huge disparity between those that can and those that cant, namely surrounding the nature of ogcd abilities in Paladin, Warlord, and Deep Rift Blade.

    Energy starvation seems more prevalent when tanking as Paladin/Warlord and it may just be my perception, but I really believe as a tank I have enough to worry about other then energy. I often found myself not being able to use my defensive cooldowns immediately when needed due to lack of energy, as well as working between the gcd. Which leads to the following:

    OGCD Abilities- The nature of OGCD abilities should be evaluated and segmented to those that are "reactive", "offensive", & "defensive"; with some room granted for those that would fall into 2 of the 3.

    Reactive OGCD abilities would encompass those that require a per-requisite before becoming active. (Ex. Backhand, Paladin's reprisal, etc.)

    Offensive OGCD would be those that deal damage or provide a temporary buff. (Ex. Strike Like Iron)

    Defensive OGCD would be for those "oh sh!t" moments. (Ex. Crest of Entropy, Shield Defense, Protective Shield, Light's Protection, etc.)

    Reactive/Offensive OGCD abilities should be able to be used when available as they are considered, imho, a moment of opportunity in which your target is vulnerable. Currently with using them on proc you will find yourself energy starved. My only suggestion for these would be to increase the internal cooldown on them to reduce the frequency of usage, or reduce the energy cost slightly; there is already a requirement for using them, why be punished for doing so?

    Defensive OGCD abilities should not have a penalty associated with them as rotating them in a normal rotation. Meaning you cannot foresee the moment of an encounter when someone goofs and you need these abilities to be available at a moment's notice. Therefore having to wait for the global cooldown to refresh to use them often means the difference in life or death. It would be a great boon to tanking everywhere to have those types of defensive abilities off the global cooldown so we can use them immediately, with the exception of abilities that can heal for 100% of our HP (Ex. Touch of Life, Fusion of Flesh). This could be extended to other callings targeted and self defensive abilities as well.

    Offensive OGCD abilities are just that, Offensive, these abilities are used to boost ones damage and should be used as often as possible to maintain the buff they provide constant. Currently this is applied to Strike Like Iron usage being ogcd, lasting 12 secs with a cooldown of 12secs. To a further extent, i would like to see this applied across the board to all finishers that provide a buff or an effect to abilities that follow. Those that i can think of off the top of my head are Warlord Surges, Shifting blades, Sweeping Blades, Death Blossom, etc. Imho, it would make combat more smoother because from a DPS standpoint pushing a button and not seeing a result doesn't feel very gratifying, let alone pushing a button and waiting for the gcd to refresh before seeing a result.

    Synergy- With the reworking of our Gift abilities, these maintain to be a Boon and a Curse for those who enjoy Hybrids. Currently for DPS it is less of a penalty then for tanks as DPS get some benefit for dipping into tank souls, but the same is not true the other way around, in fact is actually opposite. Would like to see some survival boosts baked into DPS gifts for those of us Tanks that find abilities, in low point DPS souls, attractive. The DPS gifts don't need to apply equivalent defensive boost as those found in Warlord, but just enough to justify the point expenditure in a dps soul. Obviously the Defensive bonus would be dropped in PvP situations for balance.

    As I've stated previously on the live forums Synergy between souls or Hybridization should be appealing up to 18-24 points spent in a sub soul. This would allow a trade off to be made of doing one thing well (61 point investment in a soul) or play hybrid (58 or less spent in a soul) and have a different play-style or utility available.

    Tanking in general is fairly decent from my experiences thus far with a few outliers that seem a bit off. Depending on content, level, and gear the general feeling I got was one that waxed and waned based on the encounter. It's hard adjusting to the new tanking model where we are doing more damage and thus not knowing which abilities generate what threat.

    Would really like some form of a Threat meter on target frames both from a Tanking and DPS standpoint.

    On a whole Paladin so far seems to be my go to tanking spec, however due to energy concerns I often find myself spending 7 or 8 points in a DPS soul for energy preservation, with up to 12 in Warlord. I thoroughly enjoy the Paladin soul not only from a tanking standpoint but also from it's potential versatility. My only gripes come from wanting it to be more than it is as detailed below.

    Reverent Protection - Of the abilities that got carried over from pre-1.11 i am least enthused about this one. Even with it's reduced cooldown, it's effectiveness is less then that of the Void Knight's Rift Shield. Granted it is an AoE shield and VK has the ability to increase their shielding potential, this ability as a 48 point root is less then glamorous and needs some serious loving to justify it's usage. My suggestion would be for the shield amount to scale further based on endurance, have it's shielding amount be based on a percentage of the Paladins HP, or reduce it's cooldown further to 15secs.

    Light's Protection - I find this ability a welcome addition to the Paladin's arsenal and would like to see it's usage go more with the theme of the Paladin being a protector, by making this a targeted cooldown ability to pair with Light's Balm & Light's Blessing. There are often times during an encounter where as an off-tank you are just there to handle the tank swap mechanic or split damage mechanic or add pickup and having it being a targeted ability you can further fill that niche of being the Protector. To allow balance and prevent abuse have it apply a 45sec debuff that prevents the target being the target of Light's Protection until it expires.

    -Void Knight-
    While my testing as VK was limited to only a few runs, the few things I noticed about the soul is it actually took less damage across all encounters then Reaver and Paladin. I attribute this discrepancy to the usage of the VK shields stacking with shielding from other callings, making overall healing less of a chore to the VK. As a matter of fact I took less physical and magical damage as a VK then i did as a Paladin. Which if the target was for Pally to be Physical Mitigation, and VK to be Magical Mitigation, VK does both better :-/

    As far as sub-specs are concerned; VK is the least friendly soul to sub-spec into aside from a few passive buffs and utility in both Tanking and DPS roles. This is mostly attributed to it's reliance on pact generation and not having access to ways of generating pacts at lower point investment. As for a solution allow Destructive Forces a chance to generate pacts by 5% per point when dealing melee damage, and increase Ambient Engorgement pact generation time by 1 sec so it goes from 12/8/4 secs. This can be tuned up or down depending on what testing provides.

    Of all the tank souls Reaver seems the least Tanky until you hit power from the masses and your 51pnt root. The majority of their abilities are damage focused and offer no real mitigation outside of self heals from Soul Feast, and is the most likely candidate to be the unconventional tank for the warrior in regards to shield less tanking. It's already more focused on dealing more damage, why not further emphasize on that by doing away with the shield and have talents that boost armor based on Attack Power (sort of a inverse Everything is a Weapon).

    Allow their dots to mean something other then threat generation and mediocre self healing, whether by debuffing the enemy or buffing the Reavers defensive stats. Allow Direblow to increase it's damage similar to what infestation/explosive infestation does with how many dots are on the target.

    Paladin's have their reactive, physical/holy dmg protector theme going on, Void Knights have their Absorbtion, Anti-magic, Pact managment theme. Let Reavers be the guy who goes in with a big honking 2 hander (or 2 1 handers) yelling "LEEEEEEEROY JEEEEEEEENKINS!" only not wiping the raid then telling everyone to "shut up cause he's got chicken", but weaving a blanket of death and entropy in their wake.

    By far, the announced goal of the Warlord being "Low point Tank, High Point DPS", Hits the nail right on the head and then some. Every Tank spec I tried i checked it against 12 point Warlord to weigh the pros and cons, and more often then not I chose Warlord. My only complain is when the focus shifts from Tanking to DPS deep warlord loses some of its charm; which i will explain further in the DPS section.

    Overall, when compared to Live, we have seen sweeping changes to damage done as well as be introduced to unconventional ways of dealing damage from Ranged to wearing a Shield. We now have more flavor in our delivery method of doing dps and i'm sure will find more intricate details as testing goes along further.

    This has been my "summer fling" since 1.11 hit live. I love the novelty of being DPS with a shield and have been asked several times what spec i was running since the numbers pulled were respectable, but not greater then that of Paragon. My only issue being for deep warlord we get no usage out of a few our talents that require blocking,dodge, parrying, or our target do the same. As dps we will be hit capped so we lose on Backhand, Arterial Strike, and Seasoned; granted their usage is not completely null and void in a PvP environment. It would be nice to be able to use mechanics that require to be blocked as this opens up some more synergy with Paladin retaliation abilities from a DPS perspective.

    As I've mention previously, a prime candidate for this would be for Brothers in Arms. If it had added functionality that when the target of your Brothers in Arms blocked or deflected an attack it would allow the Warlord to use abilities that required being blocked. This would open up new possibilities for sub-speccing into Paladin for dps but at a risk of burdening the groups healers.

    The rest of my experience with Warlord was very positive and only real concerns i have are the Surges. I would like to see these be ogcd to loosen our rotation of keeping all buffs up; and having the damage they do when spec'ed into Offensive Surge scale off how many Attack Points are used. Currently it is possible to use them at 1 Attack Point and generate AE damage. Not sure if they were intended to be used in that manner or not.

    Riftblade seems to not be much different then pre 1.11, with the difference being a few added abilities and functionality changed on others. I would like to see our reliance on Riftwalk for DPS to go away but currently is the only way to maintain energy. With the functionality changes on Earth Burst and Windspear i do miss not having any form of interrupts without speccing into 11-pnt para, 16-pnt Temp, or 6-pnt Warlord.

    Honestly it stinks for AE. I tried pulling large groups to mow them down and pulled less AE DPS then with other spec's that were ST focused. Just because the soul has the potential for most AE attacks doesnt make it a valid AE soul. I think the issue here is quality and not quantity. While having varied AE abilities i think some of them should have a prerequisite to use or functionality changed entirely. My primary example would be for Titan's Strike to be an ogcd attack that is proc'd via dealing a critical hit when using an AE ability. But without being max level it's hard to pass judgement entirely at this point.

    Sadly I did not spend much time with this spec as I've never enjoyed pet based classes. However from what I did play it felt fairly solid for a support soul with focusing on DPS I was able to pull acceptable numbers as a support.

    Most of the issues with Paragon's outrageously high DPS I see on Live, was addressed in the recent patch, i wasn't able to thoroughly test it but I was pulling lower DPS by a significant margin (roughly ~600-800 less) I dont know if this is intended or not but it is still higher then pre 1.11.

    Like a shiny new toy, the Tempest is great to play for a little while, but then the new wears off and it's just another method of dealing dps from range. While it does so in an interesting take for warrior dps, i cant help but feeling like a caster in plate. Part of this is due to the range, part to the few abilities that have a cast time associated with it. The DPS is respectable and can be utilized as primary dps or situational so it fills the missing ranged dps the warrior calling has been asking for nicely.

    For Synergy with the rest of our souls that are melee, it would be nice for abilities that only affected ranged damage (Enhanced Power) to be just affecting all abilities. Since the damage is mostly elemental the logical pairing for the soul would be Riftblade and Void Knight (if pact generation is granted at low levels as stated previously in this post).

    So that's my experience with my beloved Warrior calling, I've adjusted quite nicely to what changes have been made and continue to look forward to Storm Legions release. It feels like Christmas as the anticipation just keeps building and building :-) and I hope some of what I posted is of value to the Dev's, I apologize if you were looking for parse numbers and graphs and what not, I'm not that advanced of a Beta tester, and realize that may affect the weight of what feedback contained herein.


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    RB doesn't have true oGCD bursts. The devs, or Atrius in particular, took them off then gave us a talent that just makes it not trigger the GCD once applied.....which in my opinion is stupid. Either make them and attack that's on the GCD, take them back off the GCD, or change Quick Burst to truly take them off the GCD. RB is, and should remain completely viable in a raid setting, when I say viable I mean 2-3% behind Paragon in a ST rotation. I fear that the RB haters, and those who think that RB finishers are jsut to strong are gonna kill the viability of this awesome soul though.

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