Environment: Ferric Harbor
The first thing I noticed was this broken ship. Broken ships are fine, but it is the addition of the planks all around it that makes it seem like someones broken dimentions project. There is no logical reason to have planks sticking out from the side of the ship, either pre-destruction, or after it. I mean, you could potentially say that this was used as a watchtower or something since it was here anyway, but the wood is just sticking out from other wood, no signs of support beams or anything to hold it up etc. It looks like a copy paste job, and really needs a bit more love and attention.

I would also say that the pile of broken ships are a little confusing. Sure, the signals were scrambled, but unless this happened at night, why would there be so many broken vessels? Most of those ships are of basic wooden construction and could have been steered using vidulence rather than machinery, especially since the lighthouse seems still to be working.

Also, how did they get piled up like that? If it was some manner of tsunami, why is there not more evidence of it on the land, and if it was some manner of creation to move huge objects, why isn't there some better encampment made with that resource? The whole entrance to Pelladane seems to hold too many questions, the answers of which seem missing. I know that the environment isn't finished yet, but if those are the basic structures, I am somewhat concerned.

Environment: Ferric Harbor
Floating Herb at about 7745,5873 and at 8032,5612
Also, the large pieces of scenery, such as the Storm Legion buildings need to be made more visible from a distance. They just suddenly appear when you are nearly at them.

Environment: Sundred Trenches
The defences around the foothold area needs to be visible from further away. It just suddenly appears

Environment: Aurentine Palace
unclickable mob at 7725,4917 and at 7718,4889 and 7676,4810 and 7675,4811

Environment: Tuldio Retreat
There are so many buildings here, and yet you can seem to get into only a tiny percentage of them. It would have been far nicer to be able to get into more of the space occupied here. For instance, where Borin Gammult stands is but a lobby area to an otherwise large and seemingly intact building that has no other entranceway. It would be more practical even if there was a doorway somewhere that was closed, rather than just no entrance at all. If this is a safe haven, then people have to live somewhere, and it would be nice to actually see evidence of this.

Environment: Aurora Maelstrom
There is some sort of device that puts out a glowing purple aura sitting next to the guardian res point at 7212,4870. Wasn't sure if this was meant to be there.
Also, like other places, I feel that the buildings and structures should be visible from a longer distance away.

Environment: General
There is a type of tree being used that is swaying WAY too much. You can find one in the Dolcega Valley town at 7873,4888 although they are in other places to. On the top of a mountain, yes, I can see how weather would affect a tree that way, but down here is pretty sheltered, so the vast sweying looks seriously out of place, especially without anything else doing the same.

I also really like the various propoganda megaphone machines that put out Crucia's message. Nice touch. I would like there to be an option for the vocals to be on the chat screen when ticked. I can't always make out what is being said, and there will be people who are deaf that play who would get a better experience of it if they could read the text. It isn't always possible to read the message bubbles above them at the time due to fighting.

Environment: Dolcega Valley
The villagers just continue conversations while I am attacking officers beside them. Shouldn't they try at least and move away, panic, or go into fear?

Environment: Azeno Mallonga
Slightly confusing, but highly amusing. Nice achievement, though was it she that turned me into a sheep, or something else? Might be nice to have a bit more obvious clarity on this.

Environment: Fort Mazamar
I kind of feel like the entrance ways into the place where you hand in quests and talk to npcs should be better guarded. It is clearly needful of protection since there are 6 snipers at each of the entrances, but surely they could put up some sort of barricades as well. It would be too easy for mobs to rush in force and get past.

I do like the sort of bubbled effect of the death corruption on the north wall face though. Nice.