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Thread: Eastern Holdings Environmental Feedback

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    Lightbulb Eastern Holdings Environmental Feedback

    I havn't finished doing this zone because the level increased so rapidly I had to go and do quests in other zones to try and level up. I will add to this post when I have done more.

    Environmnet: Reservoir area
    There is a stone/marble type stairway at about 7628,8619 that is really squint. If it had fallen by subsidance, there would surely be more obvious damage to it, and some more boulders beside it etc. It looks too pristine even though the surface is cracked up on one side, all the stairs are technically intact. Not sure if more was going to be added into this or not, but it looks odd as it is.

    Environment: Avendrus estate area
    I noticed, when trying to find other quests in the area to test, following the fail of the last chain one, that the huge rock formations suddenly popped into existance. Rocks around this area 7655,9283 for example should be given a greater distance to spawn, because something that huge shouldn't appear so abruptly near a player, unlike smaller rocks. It is like they have been smaller rocks and just enlarged, which didn't change the distance they showed at.

    Environment: Villa Orphela
    Got a bit of a shock here. Level 55. Ouch.

    Environment: Arkella Estate
    There is a herb stuck to the side of a cage at around 8274,8962

    Environment: Southwall Bunker
    Gods, I had such a hard time finding the entrance to this! I was all around the place. Got lost in the commons and died from mobs, then died from falling too far and ended up porting back home and getting a port back to this area, then went into Arkella Estate thinking the entrance must be in there. No wonder its a safe haven, not even I could find the entrance for so long! Maybe there is some way to make it easier to find for the ascended without tipping off the enemy.

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    I have added more feedback on the quest thread here:
    It seemed silly to repost it all, especially since some of the environmental stuff was linked in with quests.

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    There's a quest in arkella estate that has you 'listen to an npc's story'. You go talk to the npc, and it says, text 1, text 2, and text 3. Then completes the quest. I submitted feedback in game with the name and location..but figured I'd post here too, I don't know if it's been fixed..as I can only do the quest once.

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    Environment: Auroborus Woods
    This is an interesting place. I very much like the charred or lava type rock with the embers in it, as well as the little floating embers in the air. I also really like the dead thorny vines, although the little sort of nests of thorns don't really fit together, they look like a badly put together jigsaw puzzle where vines meet at the top. I am not so sure about the viney trees in the area. I am not sure how they would have functioned as trees before now, considering their shape, and the wood does appear very top-heavy. I think they bother me because there doesn't appear to be any live specimines anything like it anywhere else, and so you only have this forest of dead trees that look too odd to function properly. Gravity does still work here and I just don't see how these things stay up. Even if they were made of metal, or stone, they would still topple, and as a plant, it is pretty much an evolutionary step back or 20. Maybe that is why they are all dead, but I doubt a type of plant would have grown to that size without having some evolutionary backing. If they grew in clusters that supported each other it might be better, like the roots of the Highroot tree that come together to support the main trunk.

    Environment: Ursin Grove Bunker
    It is nice to see this bunker having more practical items in it for living and survival, though I still have not yet seen any place for sleeping or biological functions other than a couple of sleeping rolls beside one woman. Surely, better sleeping arrangements would have been made. In my opinion it might be better to clear out the room on the south-east side that has the plethora of huge statues, (I don't really see any reason for them being there) or at least some of them, and have this as the dormatory with bedrolls or makeshift camp beds set up permenantly. People, even when camping, like to have their bed set up and their things in one place, and I think that especially when things in these peoples lives are so in flux and stressful, they would take a certain amount of comfort in having a small area that was 'theirs' and they could retreat to, even if it is just a bedroll with a box beside it.

    The amount of items in here is heartening though, especially around the area with the general goods. The time and care that has been put into this bunker really shows. I also really like the tiles on the floor, where some are matte, and others are gloss.

    I would mention that the barrels and crates beside the mage trainer are floating as if in water. Not sure if that was supposed to be intended. Did make me smile though. A clever use of the floating debris.

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