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Thread: Seratos quest and environment feedback

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    Lightbulb Seratos quest and environment feedback

    Searching Seratos
    Completed fine

    Free Thinker
    Worked fine

    Mesmerized Marines
    Completed fine

    Brevane Energy
    I had a really hard time with this one and I think it undoubtedly needs edited. There seems only ever to be one clickable technology up at any one time, and there is a profound delay between them appearing. I ended up having to camp in the middle of the road for a long time just to get this quest completed, and no one else was getting any of them either. As good as these new power sources are, the length of time and spawnrate of these items is pretty bad. To keep the integrity of the rp while making it more user-friendly, you might have players test the technology, then pick it up again to take back to the lead researcher since it works. This way, you can have a fast respawn on the technology without compromising on the rp.

    Carnage: Subverting Research
    Completed fine.

    The Darkrun
    This quest was fun! Charging up the porters reminded me of the puzzle quest in Moonshade Highlands, but a lot easier, and I did have a rp 'oh crap' moment when I saw Crucia again. I thought I was toast!
    On a side note, crucia says "See to the human below to learn what a land of death is like". However Arlan Merkur, the quest handin guy is actually not below, he is on a level above where I speak to Crucia. Also, saying 'see to the human' implies that he needs help, which he may well do, but if you are wanting merely to speak to him, it should be "See the human below to learn what a land of death is like." The guy, Arlan also speaks oddly, saying "How came you here?" which could be the way he speaks, or it could be "How did you come here?"

    A walk in the park
    This was a nice little quest. Easy enough and gave players a way to find the next location. I probably would have struggled without it to find the place.

    Old friends and new
    A couple of things. The bodies of the deceased are good at respawning, but when you click them they do disappear very quickly. It would be better from a rp point of view for you to throw the bodies on the body piles once you check them. The second thing is, why would an Ascended go right up to a mob like Kain, who has clearly very powerful allies with him? He can see who he is from afar, why would one person go up to a mob that might well be in a dungeon? Kain well out-classes my one ascended, and the ascended is well versed in fighting enough to see that (even without the character being able to see the elite symbol that i can lol). Would be better to have the ascended spy on Kain talking to the shapers, rather than talk to him. Also, why would Kain not attack the ascended if he saw him? More bodies for the shapers.

    Carnage: Crashing the Party
    Completed fine

    Careful Measures
    This quest appears to be bugged. Either that or it is somewhat obscure. The targeted area where you have to 'find the source of the interference' has nothing you can click on. I expect that the interference is either the two moulded metal columns on the road at 9234,4305 or one of the many small piles of metal tools scattered around. It is of course possible that it is a mob doing it, but none of the mobs I have killed do anything but start carnage quests. Edit: Not the tools, I found the quest for the tools laying around.

    Milton's Toolbox
    Completed fine

    Marissa's Shield
    Completed this fine.

    Marta's ring
    I only found this because I spoke to all three ghosts in the valley of bones town. The item itself doesn't actually give you a quest, it just goes directly into your quest log items, so people that don't actually have loot showing on the chat screen could miss it. Also, if you found this item later in the game, having missed it here, you wouldn't necessarily know where to take it to. It would be better to have this item (and the shield if it didnt have one)give a quest, since it hands in like a quest.

    A not so great escape
    I liked this quest. The journal made me laugh because it is so reminiscent of loading times or waiting for things to download/update. Always watching that bar to increase. Anyway, the quest worked fine, and I got a smile out of it The ascended wasn't in any real danger anyway seeing as how they can recall.

    Seeing as how I couldn't get past 'Careful Measures', I have had to quit this zone for the moment as I can't get to the next quest hub, or find it. I ended up just running around randomly. Ill come back to this zone when Careful Measures is fixed.

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    Careful Measures
    The quest is now working fine, however the first area of interference is actually on the very boundary of the quest search area. It might be better to increase the radius of the circle just a touch more. I liked the touch that has the interference is more pronounced near the area where the item is. It helps people find it.

    Environment: The Crawl
    I like the idea of having these massive bones scattered around the place, but I have seen no real reason for how they got here, or from what they are from. Perhaps I missed reading part of the lore somewhere, but I have been trying to read it all, and nothing really was said, other than the fact all the dragons of the Bloodstorm left in the past. Even if these were some of the dragon bones of the Bloodstorm, surely they are too big? How did they get here, and who erected them in such a manner?

    Something that bothers me more though is the fact that this place, the Crawl, is meant to be a safe haven or a refuge for people in the area, and yet there are no defences, nothing keeping anything out. The bones themselves couldn't keep anything but the most gigantic of creatures out, and surely even then, they could get in the roof or just knock the whole structure over. If they have managed to get a porticulum up, surely they could have managed to get some manner of living conditions up to.. you know, beds, shelter, defences.. According to the lore in the area, the Overseer only keeps the undead away from Necropolis, not here, which leaves a massive gap in defences here. I just feel that more can certainly be done to make this camp more realistic. The massive bones aside, (which i do love btw) there needs to be some manner of fortification or way of hiding the camp from attackers. Indeed, although the fact that this area is in a dip in the landscape hides it somewhat on a couple of sides, it also means that it is like a bowl, where enemies will have the higher ground etc. There needs to be some defences here, some way of making it seem like a viable place to retreat to, and more than just an open space with nothing but a porticulum, two campfires, a res point and a random bit of tech in it. It just feels really unfinished.

    Mob: Deformed Limb Collector
    When the mob casts, it is difficult to tell where the actual damage is coming from, ie the hands, the neck/mouth etc. If the neck is spitting death magic out at me, it would be better to have it coming more obviously from there when the mask is moved away. It is difficult to tell whether the animation is coming from the hands or the neck etc. Having some death energy build up then spit out would look awesome.
    Also, a slight bug, the dead body of this creature sometimes ends up mostly underground.
    In the valley of bones, it might be better to move these creatures away from the small dwellings/tombs as they end up coming through walls in places. They really do not fit, and it is pretty noticable, example: 9491,3899

    Carnage: Minions of the Shapers
    Worked fine

    Carnage: Meat Cobbler
    Worked fine

    Air Strike
    I feel the people I am rescuing should maybe be running around in panic, rather than just cowering. Sure, have some of them cower, but people all react differently to stressful situations. It would be good if they were cowering when they were being attacked by the reshaped ogre creatures, and panicking otherwise. It would add a bit more depth to the area.

    Like Flames to a Moth
    Worked fine

    Carnage: Reshaping
    Worked fine

    The Burning Truth
    This doesn't work. You put the elemental in the heat cage fine, and you toss water at it, also fine, but he just keeps repeating the same message over and over again
    "You don't scare me, Ascended!"
    "You will wither into worthlessness, just like the Caretakers!"

    Since this last quest is a story chain, I can't continue with quests in this region yet. Will add to this post when its fixed.

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    The Burning Truth (cont.)
    This quest ticked itself off for me while I was doing other things, so I expect a Dev had something to do with that lol. It handed in fine after that. I don't know if this was actually fixed, or merely auto-completed to let people continue to test.

    They're Coming
    I liked the fact that some of the batteries shocked you.
    The quest worked fine.

    Carnage: Hazardous Beasts
    Worked fine.

    Carnage: The Killing Arts
    This was way more of a pain to finish than the previous one. The caster mobs seemed to do so much more damage to me than the melee ones have in the area. I died several times. Three melee mobs was fine, two melee and a caster was dangerous, one melee and two casters was dead. Could just be that it took longer to round them up or something. I ended up just avoiding caster mobs and taking the melee ones.
    Completed fine once I had killed them.

    Environment: Behemoth Graveyard
    There appears to be a mob trapped underground around 10209,3900 unless there is a cave down there that I have not yet found.

    Bone Marked
    Ah, one mystery solved.. the Shapers appear to have made the bone formations. Interesting. Still.. where did the bones come from?
    The quest worked fine btw.

    Carnage: Reaper Harvest
    Completed fine

    Carnage: Meat the Enemy
    Completed fine.

    Carnage: Baleful End
    Completed fine

    Taking the Caretakers
    I liked the fact that some of them were in traps, and others were fighting. Not having every one of them the same was good.
    Completed fine.

    Body Shots
    Completed fine

    Running with the Herd
    This didn't quite go to plan. The first of the reanimated deformers worked fine, everything went to plan, but there was a second, and it agroed me rather than the huge boars. Once I had agroed the deformer, the boars wouldn't take over, and so I was left trying to defeat an elite without backup. The boars ran off, and even though I tried to get another boar with the quest item, it didn't seem to work.
    Second time I made sure not to agro the other mob before a boar got to it, and the quest worked fine.

    Waylaid to Rest
    Completed fine.

    Looking at this quest, I am guessing it was probably that cart I got the item for 'waylaid to rest' from. lol. Doh.

    And indeed it was. You might want to edit the text a bit though. It says there is no sign of the containers or the people from the caravan, but both are false. There are dead bodies and lots of containers for the quest strewn all around the cart. The survivors are at the Hollow, yes, but there is still quite clear signs of the caravan's previous occupants here.

    Thinking about it, it might be better for this quest to point you to the ghost, and have it as a chain that way. The ghost would then point you to the cart in exchange for you finding her item and returning it to her previous home, and then you get to collect the nutriant items on the way.

    Will do more quest testing tomorrow hopefully.

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    Beg, Barter, or Steal
    Why is it that the boglings never have anything in their huts? No beds, hoards etc. They have clothing, why not a bedding pile?

    The quest completed fine, and then i got to the asking him about the cranial fluid. I have to say the discussion kinda annoyed me. The bogling is being fair and polite enough, and he has told me what he wants in return for his items, a coinage that would be useful to him, and I am meant to then threaten him with death even though he is cooperating?! Rediculous. I would much rather have the option to threaten him or say about getting the spores before then. I dont want to auto-threaten this guy.
    Other than that, it completed fine.

    Chase them Down
    This was funny. I felt sorry for the little guys.
    Completed fine.

    The Extractor
    This worked fine. I like how you actually get to see the machine working, and have an NPC comment on it.
    Completed fine.

    Sprout Juice
    This worked fine. Didn't seem too tedious as I thought it would, though that could be in comparison to the carnage in the area.
    Completed fine.

    Personal Effects
    I don't know what happened to this quest. I don't -think- I handed it in, but it is gone from my list. Not sure if this is a bug, or if I just didn't notice it auto-completing or something.

    Carnage: Final Observance
    This worked fine, however the mob corpses don't appear until you move the camera, much like the birds in previous zones did sometimes.

    This quest, and the 'Desperately Seeking' quest took forever to complete because there were no areas where the mobs congregated. There was no way to get any of them more than one at a time, so having to kill 15 took forever and got boring rather fast. You cant even gather one of each, because they are both primarilly casters. I just ended up dead when I tried because i need to be hitting them quickly in order to heal myself. You would be better cutting down the number required for this in my opinion and putting them closer together in some places so that people don't get bored and just quit this quest.

    I think after 9, if this was live, I would probably have just left this quest and moved on. Frustrating and boring.
    Completed fine.. thank goodness its over.

    Carnage: Desperately Seeking
    9 down.. make this end soon.
    Finally done. Thank goodness.

    Corpsewalker Nests
    This quest was super easy. There were no mobs around, and no mini-spiders tried to escape out the nests as I expected them to do. It was refreshing to have to not kill anything by hand, but I think it would be more realistic if at least there were mini-spiders coming out and you could torch them to, or at least if they ran around in flames for a few seconds then died. At the moment, it just feels pretty unfinished as quests go.
    Completed fine.

    Nutritious, Not Delicious
    I liked the touch with the lethargic undead in the tunnel. Talking of the tunnels, these would make a really interesting Dimension.

    I found it confusing how Arlan Merkur knew of my deeds and that I was coming. Did they have communications working better now? If so, why was I not informed! Sneaky people.
    Completed fine.

    Kill Ten Rats
    All in all, this quest has been a great success in my book. Firstly, harkening back to Baldurs gate etc with the rats, and indeed all rpg games pretty much. Second, demeaning the task in the eyes of the questgiver.. that was good. Then when I went into the chamber, the scenery distracted me enough till I turned the corner and WHOA.. those are rats?! Scary elites. And then, the traps shrink them, and they yip and make tiny rawr speech, and that made me laugh, because they were scary a moment ago. All in all, I enjoyed this quest very much.

    Rift Assault
    This was a fun rift! It was different than the usual ones, and I liked that.
    Completed fine.

    Suppression Regression
    I liked this quest, not only because it was very much like stuff in ember isle (and therefore had some nostalgia value) but also because it also gives us another insight into the lore behind the story, or at least how those of the storm legion think, considering what they shouted at me.

    At the quest handin, the Overseer (who has thus far been silent and still. I didn't even notice him at first) is now speaking to me. But what I want to know is HOW? Is it telepathy, or speakers with an electronic type voice or something? I cannot be the only one that questions this. Perhaps something should be put in the quest about this just to clear it up.

    Atagonix, Lord of the Deep
    Oooh! Lore! I love stories that involve good bits of lore like this.
    Ah.., sadly the lore will have to wait. The quest is bugged. The mental imager is not clickable, and therefore cannot be activated.

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    Atagonix, Lord of the Deep
    This quest seems to be fixed now.
    The quest text is a little strange in its wording. It says "Within the confines of my mind, I can lend you that power" that makes it seem like you have to be inside the brain of the Overseer to use the power. It might be better to just say "I can lend you that power", omitting the earlier bit.

    A Meeting of Minds
    Okay, perhaps I was wrong in the earlier quest wording considering this quest. So.. I have to go into the brain's mind and battle crucia.. on my own. Eep!
    Completed fine

    Thought Police
    Completed fine

    Battle of wills
    I thought the various waves would be within the same quest, so it was surprising that they were not. Nice extra gold, but I would have preferred them to be in the same quest. I did like the fact that there was a pause before each wave where you had time to read and understand what each of the skills were. It is something that has bothered me about such quests in the past with Rift, so it was very nice to see that you had taken feedback on board in this respect.
    Completed fine, and an achievement, Nice!

    They are Legion
    Completed fine.

    Defending the Necropolis
    This completed fine, however I do feel that this little camp the ballistics specialist is at really doesn't have the strategic point to be in any better position to see storm legion coming than the commander I was sent to since they are both about the same distance from the storm legion camp. The only thing I can think of is that she could see past the entranceway. Might be nice to give her some manner of telescope.

    I would also say that the reward being level 56 is perhaps a slight error, since this is a level 55 area and quest. Most players will likely be tackling this quest at level 53 or 54, and will not be able to use the reward for ages. Might want to drop the item level requirement as I have completed level 57 quests in other areas and not had this requirement on equipment.

    Fire Control
    Completed fine.

    Change of Pace
    It was nice that he was sleeping until I opened up the quest, and then he got up. A small thing, but it was good.
    The quest completed fine.

    Communication Breakdown
    Completed fine.

    Burning Desire
    Completed fine

    Carnage: Quelling the Storm
    Completed fine.

    Friendly Fire
    Could have done with a little more time to figure out the buttons, but that might have been my fault for firing before I had read them all. I was also sort of firing blind, not exactly sure what I was meant to be firing on, or where those were, but just firing at things that were in line of sight. it worked out okay, but perhaps something to make it a little more obvious would be helpful for some players.
    Completed fine.

    Carnage: Clipping Talons
    Easy quest to complete, just had to wait for the 4 dogs to respawn. Having some easy ones is nice.

    Intelligence Gathering
    Completed fine.

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    Disable the Traps
    Completed fine.

    The Hidden, Revealed
    Completed fine.

    Carnage: Life and Death
    The Life Banes are really pretty massive. I feel they should really be a little smaller considering they don't actually hit any harder than normal mobs do. The sheer size of them would give them muscles or at least momentum to bring to bear a greater force than was seen. When first seeing them, I thought they would be elites.

    This also took quite a while to complete, due to the fact that the mobs were so far apart, you couldn't drag them any real distance towards each other, and there were a limited number of mobs to kill. I had to come back after they had respawned for this quest as I wasn't the only one doing it at the time. They do respawn fairly quickly however.
    Completed fine.

    Carnage: Cutting out the gristle
    This quest only requires you to kill 6 mobs. I am not against this, especially if there are not many around, but it seems like every other carnage quest had at least 8-20 mobs, so I thought it might be an error. Hrm, nope, there are plenty of these guys in the area. Perhaps it was a type and meant to be 16? They walk around in packs of 2, one melee and one caster, so it isn't too difficult to take them down if you have full health. No need for there to be so few on this carnage quest.
    Completed fine.

    Pushing Daisies
    Completed fine. Out of the quests I had to do in the area, this one actually ended up being the last one completed because others were also doing this quest. Might be better to perhaps reduce the number required to 8 instead of 10.

    Carnage: Looking out
    These respawn FAST! You could easily have more than 8 of these in the carnage because of this if you wanted. Maybe 12.

    Carnage: Lancing the Abscess
    This worked very well with the other carnage in the area 'perilous pestilents' as all of them could be gathered easily together. This one especially was easy, as there was an area around 11401,5503 that a lot of this mob spawed at.
    Completed fine

    Carnage: Perilous Pestilents
    This quest was okay to complete I suppose. They gathered easily, and finding the 4 hunters was fine, it was the stalkers that I had a problem with. I just couldn't find enough of them. By the time I had completed 'lancing the abscess' and got the 4 huntresses I had only found 7/14 required for the quest. Maybe make them spawn in twos instead of singly.
    Completed fine.

    Sure, but a Rat?
    This quest was amusing. I like the Nug I was talking to, he to was amusing.

    The action of being in rat form was .. bad. The animation is poor, and noticeably so. If nothing else, you should have the animation run in time with the persons running speed.

    I found it interesting to see what a Shaper looks like at last. I wasn't disappointed. It looked like some sort of horror version of a mardigras celebrant. Still, if these are the same shapers that made the bone structures in Seratos, you have to wonder how the heck they did it. How did something so small by comparison do that, and more importantly why? I am also intrigued as to why they made some of their creations have the same sort of mask device that they themselves have. If anything, they don't look as much like a shaper as I expected in this respect and more like another product of the shapers.
    Quest completed fine.

    Ruined by a Rodent
    This one is linked to the 'sure but a rat' quest, but they pretty much have a lot of the same information in it about taking the form of a rat. Maybe make the 'sure but a rat' quest first, and when the person has picked up that one, make this one available and edit the quest text so it isn't repeating as much.
    • Wire chewing - easy
    • Tricore device - rediculously difficult. I ended up giving up on these, because i couldn't get on top of the three devices quick enough so they reset. Might want to slow down the timer on that.
    • Poisoning the cooking pot - easy enough
    • Eating the notes - easy
    Completed fine.

    Storm Legion Reappropriation
    Hrm.. seems slightly strange being able to pick up a huge box of supplies when in rat form, even a large rat. It is also a bit odd that the box doesn't disappear when you pick it up.
    Completed fine, however I had ended up going further on and had to hand this back when I was actually in quests in Morban. Would be easier to give it to the scouts with the rest of the quests, rather than all the way back at the necropolis.

    Carnage: Stuck in the Mire
    Completed fine.

    Shaper Containment
    Completed fine.

    Purging an Ancient Evil
    Hrm, interesting, and somewhat suspicious that the Nug appears to know the name of the Shaper, unless it isn't a name and more of a curse word or racial term I am not aware of? How would a nug know a Shapers name? I didnt think that they were called anything except 'shapers' by people.
    This quest would have been so much easier to do if they gave me back the rat costume. I wanted to demand it. As it is, I now have to fight all the storm legion guys again and I already finished the carnage.
    Talking to the technician, I had to like it. The quest text of Technician Tahnlo was very good.
    Handing it in to the Overseer though does make me question the text here. It says 'The longer a Shaper exists, the more powerful it becomes, and the Elder Shapers are hundreds of years old'. In this case, the Shaper I just killed should have been some Raid boss, not some puny mob I killed in a quest. There should have been more to it, or something. Perhaps this was an imposter shaper. I don't know, but it just didn't feel like it was some horribly powerful being. There should be some reason why such a creature would be so weak that everyone fears it.
    Completed fine.

    Carnage: Fragmented Souls
    Despite the fact that you have to kill 20 of these, it doesn't feel too bad since they are grouped together in twos.
    Completed fine.

    Carnage: Brevane Remains
    I had trouble with this quest. The mobs hit HARD. I think I may well be taking way more spell damage than melee damage because as harbringer i can dodge melee perhaps, but not spell damage? I don't know. All I do know is that these guys trash me. I can't take two of them at once and hope to live 50% of the time. Thank goodness I only need to kill 9 of them, and not 14 or something. Died so often doing this quest. I also see that there are 'ancient phylacteries' around here.. which I guess are quest items of some sort. This means I am likely going to have to come back here at some point and kill them all over again.
    Completed fine.

    Knowledge Absorbed
    Completed fine.

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