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    Post Beta #2 Patch Notes Dump - 1:00pm PDT 10/22/12

    Beta will be updated at 1:00pm PDT 10/22/12 - the below list includes things that were updated on Sunday and stuff that may have been part of Friday's original patch. Please forgive anything you've seen already on beta, it's kind of like jumping onto a moving train here! Some of the class changes in particular may end up in hotfixes to live RIFT prior to the launch of Storm Legion.

    Expect Beta to be down for approximately 30 minutes at 1:00pm PDT!

    * Fixed a pile of collision issues - places where you can fall through the world.
    * Updated the tooltip text for Hit and Toughness stats on the character sheet.
    * Changed Crit Power tooltip to show how much of the percentage is coming from stats and how much is from abilities.
    * Targeting reticles will now be more visible on ice and glass.
    * Characters level 50 and above will earn less experience when doing pre-Storm Legion content.


    * Cape Jule: Zone event difficulty corrections - will now take population into account and last a lot longer. Objectives should no longer be able to complete out of order and get the event into a stuck state.
    * Cape Jule: Pollinate or Die: Gor'Damor should now follow you correctly!
    * Cape Jule: Increased the density of rhinos in Mephitis Bog.
    * Pelladane: Resource Gathering: Made the resources that need gathering a bit more obvious.
    * Updates based on Beta feedback to Unhallowed Boneforge and Storm Breaker Protocol!

    * Check out the Synergy Crystal merchants for the new souls' Synergy Crystals!
    * Beasmaster and Archon Intelligence/Wisdom/Dexterity buffs are now on a separate stacking group. You can have these plus the basic buffs for these stats (like Bard buffs).


    * Dark Passage: Can now actually be used while crowd controlled.
    * Affinity for Death: Now with approximately 100% more working.

    * Reset roles containing Defiler due to moving a bunch of stuff around in the tree.
    * Links: Now properly removed when the caster or target zones. Tooltips now update with Scarred Heart and the points spent in the soul.
    * Husk of Indifference: No longer increases damage done. Back to a 30 second duration. Reduced the base absorb amount.
    * Peak of Form: Now also increases absorption granted.
    * Tenebrious Distortion: Now causes Marrow Harvest to increase non-Physical damage taken by 2.5-5% for 30 seconds (same stacking group as Clinging Spirit).
    * Cardial Conversion: New tier 4 branch ability. Requires Husk of Indifference. Grants a 50-100% chance when casting a healing spell to apply Husk of Indifference to the cleric.
    * Change is Good: Moved to tier 4. Reduced bonus to 3-9%.
    * Summon Beacon of Despair: Can no longer be resisted.
    * Scarred Heart: Moved to tier 5.
    * Dangers to Come: Moved to tier 6. Now a 3-point ability. Increases damage and healing done by Marrow Harvest and Siphon Vitality by 10-30%.
    * Rampant Growth: No longer requires Grief Blight.
    * Oppression: Removed.
    * Dark Impulses: Moved to tier 7. Now a 5-point ability. Increases damage dealt, healing done, and absorption granted with Death abilities by 4-20%.

    * Greater Faerie Healer, Greater Faerie Seer: Tooltips now refer to proper max level amounts.
    * Faerie Healer and Greater Faerie Healer: Now consider raid members as healing targets.

    * Asphodel's Justicar Crystal: Fixed the 2-piece set bonus.

    * Liberty of Thought: Can now actually be used while crowd controlled.
    * Subtle Invocation: Now properly triggers Echoes of Invocation.

    * Geyser: Fixed tooltip!


    * Spark Shower shouldn't be stacking with Anthem of Competence - fixed.
    * Arcane Aegis: Updated description to show that it reduces the Armor of the caster.

    * Soul Tether: Now revives allies at 50% mana and health, up from 30%.
    * You can now have a maximum of 3 targets with Withering Vine active on them.

    * Mana Wrench: Updated the amount of mana drained.

    * Fixed Harbinger slashing attacks not using the crit bonus from the Pyromancer's Burning Fury.


    * Multiple Oscillations: Now reduces damage of Power Chord by 50% but causes it to hit 3 targets.


    * Deadly Parity: Fixed a bug causing this to be affected by Attack Power twice.
    * Sweeping Blades: Rebalanced to not overpower the other souls' AoE but still remain useful. It now hits 4 additional targets for 10/20/35% of the initial attack damage.
    * Way of the Wind: Fixed a bug causing this to do more damage than intended.
    * Strke Like Iron: Reduced from 10-30% to 5-25%.
    * Unleashed: Reduced from 6% per stack to 5% per stack.
    * Setting Moon: Reduced from 30% to 15%.
    * One Two Punch: Reduced from 7% per point to 5% per point.

    * Infectious: Increased to 20/40/60%.
    * Crippling Infestation: Increased to 3/6/9/12/15%.
    * Base damage on Soul Sickness, Blood Fever, Necrotic Wounds, and Flesh Rot has been reduced.

    * Reduced the base damage on Bursts.
    * Burst Capacitor: Increased the effect to 8% per point.
    * Fixed the Rift Implosion progression.

    * Brothers in Arms: Now properly removed if either the caster or the target zones or logs out.

    Original post on PvP changes in beta 2: http://beta.forums.riftgame.com/showthread.php?t=5930
    * Completing any of the following before Storm Legion launch will grant the title, 'the Forerunner':
    - Reaching Prestige Rank 50
    - Completing the Whitefall Steppes Domination Achievement
    * Whitefall Steppes Domination is no longer required to complete Warfront Domination.
    * Completed Whitefall Steppes achievement have been moved to the Legacy category.

    * All Augment items and recipes have been renamed for a more thematic naming convention based on the prefix they apply to the item when crafted.
    * Fixed several AUgments that could not be Runebroken.
    * Inert Prism, Inert Shard, and Inert Stone now have correct tooltips.
    * Fixed several Salvaged material tooltips that claimed they would break down in to the wrong materials.
    * Slightly increased the rate at which you receive Epic salvage materials from salvaging Epic quality items.

    * The Conquest Perks list in the Conquest tab no longer resets itself to the top of the list all the time.
    * Item tooltips now display full cooldown timers including seconds.

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    Beta is back up and unlocked.

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