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Thread: Instant Adventure and Onslaught Exp Feedback

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    Instant Adventure and Onslaught Exp Feedback

    I've leveled in several different ways as I've beta tested. First beta test I leveled exclusively with Rifts and Hunt Rifts and the exp was great. Not to fast, not to slow.

    This beta I choose to try questing of various kinds. Regular questing (via pickup and story quests) feels very good as well.

    However a couple of questing areas need serious help.

    IA's right now are really bad. Everyone knows it. I'm suprised its not yet been mentioned here. IA exp is terrible, the rewards are terrible. I did almost 20 IA's at one point and got no rewards at all other than gold and paltry exp. I dunno if the rewards for IA's aren't done or something but they don't seem to be giving any cache's, sourcestone is rare, and the exp payout is pretty laughable. As it stands right now, very few people are doing them and I'm fairly sure thats not what you gys want.

    Onslaughts are in a similar situation. They pay out OK exp but the time to completion needs to be taken into consideration. That factored in the exp from Onlsaughts is entirely to low. I wondered if there was a way to add some sort of camp bonus, that stacks the longer you stay, up until the point where the invaders stop attacking, but only applying when you have the Onslaught quest. Haven't seen camp bonuses in a MMO in a long time, mostly since MMO's don't want to encourage mob grinding, but in an Onslaught its what you are doing.

    Carnages also may need to be looked at for exp vs time committed. I've not done enough quantitative testing on these to see how the exp payout is. Anyone else have any feedback here? One thing I will say as that again a camp bonus when you are on a Carnage quest if you are killing Carnage quest mobs is not a bad idea, since the goal of a carnage is essentially mob grinding.

    For those who don't know what a camp bonus is, there were two kinds. In old MMO's you had the original camp bonus where as you killed mobs of one type (ie camped them) the exp bonus climbed (till it hit a plateau). Later on MMO developers sometimes within the same games realized this encourage a bit to much staying in the same place so they changed camp bonus so that the camp bonus degraded the longer you stayed in one place killing one type of mob. Encouraging you to move about as you grinded mobs. If you are targeting camp bonus to certain mobs, IE when you are on a Carnage or Onslaught, and to those mobs in question, I can see it being a very good way to keep these methods of leveling up competitive with Rifts and traditional questing.

    You guys have gone through great pains to add these new methods of leveling up, you need to make sure they are all equally viable, with maybe a slightly greater emphasis on Rift exp (why? well cause the game is Rift after all). Particularly IA is in the most need of help. As that new system is something alot of returning players are intrigued and excited about.

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    i also think IAs give too little reward, i think this is the reason that when i am in an instant adventure there are only 2 other people with me, unless there is a zone event. the experiance is really low and the currency you recieve at the end for vendors is very low too. so far i have mangaed to buy 3 pieces of IA vendor gear, and i hav leveld through IAs to level 53. also have they stopped giving gear at the end of leveling IAs, in the treasure chest you recieve, or am i just unlucky? and i hate that i keep getting into cape jule adventures at higher level, i would do seratos or the other one but literally no one does them, even in the cape jule ones the most amount of people i have jad in my group is 5-6. i think the respawn rate on creatures and quest nodes is very low and frustrating too, especially during an IA

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