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Thread: CRASHING- Quest: Alternative Offering

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    CRASHING- Quest: Alternative Offering

    Zone: Eastern Holdings, Strozza Estate
    Quest: Alternative Offering

    All the mobs in this area are triggering a game crash when attempting to target them.
    Tried both Click target and "tab" target but the game crashes the second I target the mobs. I tried several different mobs all with the same result.

    Sent in a half dozen or so crash reports in under 10 minutes trying to nail the cause of the crashing. This is the best I could determine.

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    same here, but slightly different

    targeting only, after i visited the hidden npc (didnīt try before) on the way back to swap the offering
    jumps/falls trigger it too (ramp down, tried to cut the edge)
    happend in the area around the hidden npc, the other side was fine
    happened too in the elite fight after. crashed on the way up kiting at the top of the ramp

    was reproducable at always the same position

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