So I just finished this puzzle a little bit ago. I thought it was a big step up from the old ones, and I quite enjoyed it. Really well done. A few parts of it seem a little off to me, however:

* The plaque inside the puzzle area lists 3 specifically named vendors that you have to buy offerings off of. However, the fish and beetle offerings are sold on a LOT of vendors across Freemarch, Silverwood, Stonefield, and Gloamwood. In particular, I think *every* General Goods vendor in Stonefield sells them. Not only that, these are all currently sold on Live as well, which is the only reason why I ended up trying to figure out this puzzle.

* Mort Grocer sells the Bogling Star Signs book, negating the need to complete the artifact set to get it. Is this intentional? It's also currently sold on Live, too...

* Inside the puzzle area you're able to use the offerings, and consume them, without having a target. Perhaps this is intended to make the puzzle harder, and it sure made me waste a lot of them, but it seems kinda silly to me now that I know the proper way to use them.

* While the book specifically mentions "Brilliant Diamond", it only states "Emerald" and not "Radiant Emerald". It doesn't really matter, especially since the quest area has a note telling you that, it just feels a little inconsistent to me.

* The offerings all have a vendor sale value of 5p, despite costing 5p. I can't help but feel this could be used to negate the platinum cap on server transfers of low level characters.