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Thread: Quest: The Darkrun

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    Quest: The Darkrun

    Zone: Seratos, Ruinous Passage
    Quest: The Darkrun

    At one point the quest requires the player to use a launchpad to get to a tower.
    -My first attempt I fell short of the landing site and landed on a rocky outcropping on the side of the tower.

    My second attempt I was able to successfully make it to the landing site and defended the launchpad from some mobs. Then was requested to take another launch to get to the final landing site.
    -Once again I fell short of the landing site and ended up on a ledge that went nowhere. I had to jump (nearly) to my death to get down (thank the Vigil I am a dwarf).

    Ran ALLLL the way back to the first launchpad.
    -Once again fell short. Ran back again... and yup you guessed it fell short!!

    For whatever reason I cannot seem to hit the landing and therefore cannot complete this storyline quest... Lag? Poor FPS?

    Perhaps have it launch players a tad further? I am just missing the landing by not very much.

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    This is weird because my Kelari did it just fine.

    BTW this is an awesome quest regardless. And the ending!

    I feel immersed into the quest storyline, thank you Trion. (though please get Crucia's voice into this quest kthnx)
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    Maelad, Lv 20 female Dwarf Rogue, Riftstalker-Bladedancer(even) solo. Alt role as pure tank Riftstalker. Just got Marksman, not set in.

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    I would probably hazard a guess and say that Lag is your issue here. Most of my charge/teleport moves seem to fall a little short of the target if I'm experiencing lag, or someone is using the house network to stream a movie, or I'm downloading an update while playing. Considering it's the same type of movement, this is the only thing I can think would be the issue here.

    Like Maeloda, I did this quest earlier with no problems... and yeah, Crucia's voice at the end would make it even cooler.

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