Pre 1.1 BoEA was undeniably too potent. Instead of using a measured tool to nerf it you smashed it with a sledge hammer. The initial redesign was not even worth the points nor putting on a hotbar, the current 3 still don't provide enough sustain.

I could understand if you didn't want people to sustain solo but then you have Mages and Clerics running around palming the keyboard with impunity while Warriors (who don't outgear the area) have to stick to small pulls and drink inbetween.

These abilities still aren't worth speccing into. The sustainable specs solo incredibly slow and are also for the most part energy starved.

I don't want an easymode button but make them more potent or redesign them. Perhaps a large heal on CD or a Temp buff on a CD with the pre 1.11 healing on it, anything but the garbage heals they currently provide.

"I aim to misbehave"