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Thread: Cape Jule Quest Feedback

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    Lightbulb Cape Jule Quest Feedback

    I have worked my way through all the obvious quests in Cape Jule, following the story quests and picking up ones on the way. I have endeavoured to give my feedback on these, what I liked, what I didn't much like, and things I thought might be an issue etc. It is pretty expansive, sorry for the essay, but I find it better to go through things like this methodically.
    Cape Jule

    Ancient Technology
    Worked fine
    Carnage: Daemon Defence
    This quest triggered when killing things in the area. I noticed that now if you help kill something, even when not in the same group as those doing so, you still get money added automatically to you when it dies. This is a brilliant touch. Very welcome.
    The Synthetic Soul
    Worked fine. This was an interesting quest, I liked it.
    Tulan Awaits
    Worked fine
    The Prototype
    At first I thought it was just another 'collect four of this item and hand in' but I got a very pleasant surprise with the lightning canon. It was very fun!
    Ritualistic Vandalism
    Worked fine
    Carnage: Five Queens of Kelrath
    I liked the fact that the locations were marked on the map, and that people not-partied could help kill them. I also liked the fact that you could kill several respawns on the same spot and it still count
    Carnage: The Kelrath Terrormaw: A study
    I had difficulty in finishing this one. 20 is a lot of one thing to kill, and there were several people in the area, so not many mobs. They might be low health enough to be able to grab several at once, but there wern't enough around to do that. I got to three and there were none to be found. Maybe make the number required less, or increase the number of them around so this quest can be done quicker. As it stands right now, it took me about 10 minutes, and most of that was running looking for something to kill.
    Traversing Tulan
    The Snapper Remover made me laugh
    The Enigma
    Worked fine
    Bonfire of the Boglings
    The quest text misses out a word
    It says "What's a few hundred boglings to you? I'll you what it's not"
    It should say "What's a few hundred boglings to you? I'll tell you what it's not"
    It says "Not sure what actually said"
    It should say "Not sure what they actually said" or "Not sure what was actually said"
    Also, when it says about placing the barrels of tar, he could mean either the twins or the boglings. Funny if it was the twins, but pretty sure he means the boglings, not sure if you wanted to make that more clear though.
    During the quest itself, the barrels respawned, or should I say put themselves out very quickly. This is good for the influx of players at the beginning, but it also means that players are not exploring the area, just staying beside one or two barrels and completing the quest. Also, the barrel at 7856,11343 is jammed into a post, might want to move the barrel out of the house post.
    Empyrean Invention
    This was a bit confusing at first. Talking to Donis Masino worked fine, however when following the marks on the map and got to the Repulsor ray, it wasn't clear what to do. It sparkles nicely up top, but it wasn't that clear what to click, possibly because the sparkles were on top of the machine. Worked it out on the end, but it could be clearer.
    The rest of it went fine. I like how this quest shows you around the town, and it was funny the guy's reaction when I went to talk to him after changing things.
    The quest handed in fine, however I had already listened to this bit of rp several times while in the town earlier. It would be better if only the person handing in the quest got to hear it, because its a bit rubbish hearing the outcome before you have done the quest.
    Environment - Tulan
    In the tents where the outfitter recipes and grandmaster butcher stand, it is completely sparse. No sign of living, not even a stool for them to sit on. More could be done here. I only mention this because there are other signs that the area has been worked on, such as the crates beside the tent, so wasn't sure if this was meant to be 'finished' now.
    Carnage: Born of the Bog
    This one is far better to complete than the terrormaw one because the quest covers so many different mobs, and there is the small town in the bog that is filled with mobs, so higher geared people such as myself can just gather them together 3+ at a time and nuke. Its also nice having an area of mobs that are forageable right at the beginning.
    Secrets of the Swamp
    Worked fine
    Storm Offensive
    Horn worked fine, however the 'offensive' only was 4 mobs? What sort of super attack was that to be worried about? A whole unit should be far more than that, almost a rift's worth I would have thought. The storm legion are more canny than to only send four mobs to take a town this large.. More mobs are needed in my opinion. Way more. Maybe having several points where four mobs come in would be good, and once defeating one, you have to go and kill the others, while the town's guards or defenders hold them off till you get there.
    The Soul Prison
    The rp speech by the colonel Dragas made me laugh.
    More than one way to fry a fish
    Completed fine
    Carnage: Something fishy
    Works fine along with 'more than one way to fry a fish' Its nice not to have to kill them with my own magic for once. Or at least, not all of them. Not all the fish I killed for the 'more than one way to fry a fish' counted for this it seems.
    Completed fine
    Carnage: Felfathom free-for-all
    Completed fine
    Environment: Felfathom Cays
    There is what appears to be a defiant res point atop the rocks, but there are two Brevanic Constructs parked right next to it. Not sure they are meant to be that close.
    Environment: Tulan
    Hearing the Auram and Colonel Dragas rp speeches repeat themselves all the time when I go to hand in quests is getting annoying.
    Tempered Technology
    Completed fine
    Just a little Burnt...
    This was funny. I should have completed the quests up there first though, silly me. Now I have to run all the way back.
    A Burning Interest
    The mobs around these can respawn so fast that you don't get enough time to read the quest. This means that it encourages people to auto-accept quests without reading their text. Not sure that is a good thing. Doesn't happen all the time though.

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    Carnage: Extinguishing the Flames
    Completed fine
    Dacia's Departure
    This was pretty easy, and useful for travelling from one place to another without just ignoring the surroundings. Easy enough to outrun or avoid most mobs on the road.
    Unscheduled Maintenance
    Completed fine. Didn't see any wasps, but the stampeding rhino was pretty useful at letting me complete the quest quickly
    Very easy quest. I guess I got lucky that someone else did this quest before me for the ease of the 'unscheduled maintenance' quest.
    Cliffside Charity
    This was a bit of a pain to complete. Couldn't find many of these laying around, and there were 12 to collect. Because they respawn quite quickly, its likely most people will just go in between a couple of spawns. Still, you kinda need quite a quick respawn for a quest like this, so not sure what the answer is.
    Mission Infiltration
    Completed fine
    Environment: Cliffside Vale
    I like the Equipment Cache on the hillside. The chat from Colonel Dragas was amusing.
    An Empyrean Inquiry
    This worked fine. It was good that they didn't always respawn in the same places.
    Environment: Edgestone Ridge
    I like the fact that you can run along the large thorny vines.
    Versus Bareknuckle Buck
    This quest is based on you fighting barehanded. However as soon as you blow the horn both the new buttons and the mob appear. This gives you no time to actually read what the buttons do. I ended up pressing the wrong one, thinking it was a healing one and ended up out of barehanded fighting and into my normal spec, which didn't complete the quest. It would be better if there was some manner of rp or time given to players so that they can read the buttons and what each one does before the fight actually starts. Perhaps you have to insult him or something before he takes up the challenge. Having tried this a second time, I still didn't have time to read the buttons, and trying to read and fight is difficult for me. I ended up just randomly pressing buttons and suddenly he surrendered.. not sure what happened there. Sort of unsatisfying.
    Carnage: Rampage on the Ridge
    Whoa, these guys respawn super fast. Nice for gathering into a group though. Not sure how a lowerer geared person would fair however.
    Worse than Death
    Completed fine
    Carnage: Agrippa Occupancy
    I wouldn't likely have found this area of the Agrippa Rainforest for a while if not for this place and looking for these mobs. Nice cliffside sort of hideout.
    The Iron watcher bird that is with the mobs didn't have a death form. It was still flying on the spot when dead.
    Carnage: A Twisted Affair
    Completed fine
    Item: Brevanic Portal Generator
    There is no casting, nor image of a portal. It would be better if this item had one, and actually created a portal by which to click on and step through. This would also make it more useful for a group to use, rather than just one person.
    Environment: Hiberna Rainforest
    This place seems really darn sparse for a rainforest, not just in ground clutter and such, but also in mobs. It is pretty empty.
    Pollinate or Dier... or just Kill Him
    This was pretty confusing. I took the time to read the quest so I knew what I wanted to do.. I would go and pollinate! However it was really difficult to find where these flowers were, or even what they looked like. It took me until there was 20 seconds left to finally find one of what I was looking for. I don't know whether this was to do with other people being at the flowers before me, but I didn't even see the light on them till then. This wouldn't be an issue if the quest wasn't timed, but it is. Also, having failed the quest, nothing happened. I wasn't eaten by the massive drake thing. Would have been better if I had been, and then spat out with 1% health or something. Trying this quest a second time faired only a bit better. I knew what I was trying to do, however there are plants in the immediate surrounding area of the questgiver that look like the same plant, but do not count for the quest. It would be better to have one of these plants showing as the first one you can pollinate so people get the idea of what you are meant to do the first time around.
    Hidden in Hiberna
    The log at 7073,11309 respawns instantly
    Enemy Territory
    A fun introduction to the jumping pads The capes look great flying
    Lick Froggy, Get Dizzy
    I like the fact that you only get the quest if you have read the quest result from the last one and did what it said. People don't often spend the time actually reading the quests, so this was nice as a reward. Especially with the achievement
    Perilous Recovery
    Worked fine. Still hearing the previous bits of the quest rp dialogue from the Auram and dragas in Tulan. Makes it hard to concentrate on reading the text of new quests. More annoying than it was, merely through repetition.
    Chum in the water
    Highly amusing
    Expedition Escort
    Has pretty much the same quest text as 'the city beyond'. Might want to make it a bit different since both quests are picked up at the same time.
    I did this quest while doing 'the city beyond', and it says I need to find Dacia Ultan at Miran's Gate. However she is already standing at the first supply drop-off point at Cliffside Vale 7334,10649 and won't speak to me here at all. If you have her in two places, maybe have her say something like 'You go on ahead, I'll meet you there' or something of that sort. Personally I think she shouldn't really be there at the first stop.
    The City Beyond
    As above, nearly the same quest text. Too similar.
    Tempest Bay
    This quest worked fine, but sadly uninspiring. I had hoped, as the ticket to the main city of the region, and completing one zone to go to the next there might have been at least a cinematic of a ship leaving or something.. but there was nothing. Sad.
    Environment: Porticulum/travel stones
    They currently don't cost you anything to travel with. They should really cost something. Also, having the icon for those travel stones you have not gathered yet for your map a bit bigger and more obvious would be good. Currently they are so tiny you don't notice them and can forget to click the portal.
    Environment: Cliffside Vale, road to Miran's Gate
    I liked the fact that the large spiky vine is breaking through the road. Nice touch.
    As the Planarch Commands
    Worked fine
    The Hunt Begins
    Worked fine

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    Carnage: The Anima Outpost
    Completed fine

    Carnage: To Prey Upon Predators
    Completed fine.

    Carnage: Rhinocide
    Completed fine.

    Carnage: Jungle Riot
    Completed fine.

    Carnage: Basin Beasts
    Completed fine.

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