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Thread: New variation of 51 RB?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whyfish View Post
    Since Take No Prisoners only effects IB and doesn't effect the scald component would it not be better to push more into tempest? Take the 8 in champ for grim and titan's strength and put the rest into increasing ranged damage in tempest (flamespear/stonespear/shock pulse). Plus amped is a big inccreased, worth getting that.
    It's certainly a possible option, maybe even a superior one. Amped is pretty awesome I will agree. It even helps Elemental Touch!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlienFromBeyond View Post
    Was still working on single target last I had checked.
    Yeah it is working still. I went with 51/8champ/8temp and tested this. The rotation is pretty much the same
    minus having no soul sickness so I jsut throw in an extra searing. Energy definitely wasn't a factor anymore for ST if I wasn't using Mark, but when I did use a Mark and Implosion I eventually started having energy issues at about 3 minutes in. In a raid setting with fervor this variation would have no energy issues what so ever though. My parses were lower though by about 300 from the 16temp 0 reaver variation.

    I curious to see what 60 holds for RB variations but I havent been able to get Sharogy to test any theories for me because he's busy I'm sure.

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