I've been playing around on beta today and came up with a possible new variation of 51RB. Below will be the breakdown of what I did to achieve the results. Any additional testing to help me along with this would be greatly appreciated.

AP: 1715 Crit: 1076 w/ r50 1hder and t3 crafted tank 1hder. Only self buffs where used along with pot, cake, and tablet. Fervor was used during this testing

Rift Blade - no change to the point spread from what Sharogy and Wylt have already produced.
Tempest - 5/5 Amped, 5/5 Enhanced Power, and 5/5 Bioelectric Enhancement
Reaver - Just used for the DoT, it may be possible to use 0 pt Para but dunno if that's a dps loss just yet.

The rotation I used was as follows starting with 0 AP...if you start with 3AP just open with a burst and do the rotation below. I'm sure it's by no means the most optimal rotation and I coulnd't really figure out a way to thread in Implosion without tearing into my energy....any suggestions would be appreciated.

Shock Pulse>Frost Strike>Rift Strike>FB/IB
Soul Sickness>Flamespear>Stonespear>FB/IB
Searing Strikex3>FB/IB


The only new addition to what buffs need to be maintained would be Amped via Shock Pulse so this needs to go on a seperate keybind. My average sustained parse was 5.4k - 5.5k with the lowest being 5k and the highest spiking up to 5.7k - 5.9k. BM crystal netted a dps gain over the RB crystal by about 200 or so for me. RB is still very energy starved even with fervor, although changes that've been made help a little if you even attempt to thread in Implosion you will have dead GCD's very fast. As previously stated my average parse is 5.4k atm and at about 2-3 minutes into the parse I have to start slowing down my rotation due to energy issues. I believe this spec can avhieve more if not for the energy issues plaguing it.