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Thread: New variation of 51 RB?

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    New variation of 51 RB?

    I've been playing around on beta today and came up with a possible new variation of 51RB. Below will be the breakdown of what I did to achieve the results. Any additional testing to help me along with this would be greatly appreciated.

    AP: 1715 Crit: 1076 w/ r50 1hder and t3 crafted tank 1hder. Only self buffs where used along with pot, cake, and tablet. Fervor was used during this testing

    Rift Blade - no change to the point spread from what Sharogy and Wylt have already produced.
    Tempest - 5/5 Amped, 5/5 Enhanced Power, and 5/5 Bioelectric Enhancement
    Reaver - Just used for the DoT, it may be possible to use 0 pt Para but dunno if that's a dps loss just yet.

    The rotation I used was as follows starting with 0 AP...if you start with 3AP just open with a burst and do the rotation below. I'm sure it's by no means the most optimal rotation and I coulnd't really figure out a way to thread in Implosion without tearing into my energy....any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Shock Pulse>Frost Strike>Rift Strike>FB/IB
    Soul Sickness>Flamespear>Stonespear>FB/IB
    Searing Strikex3>FB/IB


    The only new addition to what buffs need to be maintained would be Amped via Shock Pulse so this needs to go on a seperate keybind. My average sustained parse was 5.4k - 5.5k with the lowest being 5k and the highest spiking up to 5.7k - 5.9k. BM crystal netted a dps gain over the RB crystal by about 200 or so for me. RB is still very energy starved even with fervor, although changes that've been made help a little if you even attempt to thread in Implosion you will have dead GCD's very fast. As previously stated my average parse is 5.4k atm and at about 2-3 minutes into the parse I have to start slowing down my rotation due to energy issues. I believe this spec can avhieve more if not for the energy issues plaguing it.

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    This took awhile, but I finally got the breakdown for some decent/average parses. SLI is nerfed to 25%, and Riftwalk base damage is nerfed, thus I see no reason to use it. Rift Storm also doesn't do as much damage as Icy Burst, thus no reason to have it in besides the ability to regenerate "a bit" of Power, not even worth the DPS loss.

    AP: 1661
    CRIT: 1202

    Buffs: Self, Razor Edge (+40 AP) for DW
    Fervor/Living Energy: None

    DPS 1: Damage per second while not power starved.
    DPS 2: Damage per second while power starved.

    51 P - 15 RB - 0 RV - Beastmaster Crystal
    DPS 1: ~5400
    DPS 2: ~5200
    Attacks: 858
    Criticals: 381 (46.46%)
    Time: ~5 Mins

    20.36% Rising Waterfall (Phys)
    11.73% Way of the Wind (Air)
    9.93% Icy Burst (Water)
    9.49% Deadly Parity (Phys)
    9.39% Fiery Burst (Fire)
    8.16% Soul Sickness (Death)
    8.10% Flamespear (Fire)
    6.24% Auto Attack (Phys)
    5.57% Scald (Air)
    4.03% Death Touch (Phys)
    3.71% Setting Moon (Phys)
    1.72% Swift Strike (Phys)
    1.46% Storm Blade (Air)
    0.11% Thread the Trees (Phys)

    51 RB - 15 T - 0 RV - Beastmaster Crystal
    DPS 1: ~5200
    DPS 2: ~5000
    Attacks: 858
    Criticals: 381 (46.46%)
    Time: ~5 Mins

    16.79% Searing Strike (Fire)
    11.20% Stonespear (Earth)
    10.54% Icy Burst (Water)
    9.63% Flamespear (Fire)
    9.52% Fiery Burst (Fire)
    9.06% Soul Sickness (Death)
    8.90% Rift Strike (Air)
    6.08% Auto Attack (Phys)
    5.20% Scald (Air)
    4.01% Shock Pulse (Air)
    3.91% Elemental Touch (Air)
    3.06% Frost Strike (Water)
    2.10% Storm Blade (Air)

    51 P - 15 RB - 0 RV - Paragon Crystal
    DPS 1: ~5000
    DPS 2: ~4800
    Criticals: (%)
    Time: ~4 Mins

    22.28% Rising Waterfall (Phys)
    11.30% Way of the Wind (Air)
    11.06% Icy Burst (Water)
    10.48% Deadly Parity (Phys)
    9.37% Fiery Burst (Fire)
    8.80% Soul Sickness (Death)
    7.90% Flamespear (Fire)
    5.58% Scald (Air)
    3.84% Setting Moon (Phys)
    3.05% Auto Attack (Phys)
    3.05% Death Touch (Phys)
    1.72% Storm Blade (Air)
    1.57% Swift Strike (Phys)

    51 RB - 15 T - 0 RV - Riftblade Crystal
    DPS 1: ~4900
    DPS 2: ~4800
    Criticals: (%)
    Time: ~3 Mins

    17.22% Searing Strike (Fire)
    11.49% Stonespear (Earth)
    10.22% Icy Burst (Water)
    10.08% Flamespear (Fire)
    10.04% Soul Sickness (Death)
    9.79% Fiery Burst (Fire)
    9.07% Rift Strike (Air)
    5.31% Scald (Air)
    4.12% Elemental Touch (Air)
    4.04% Shock Pulse (Air)
    3.20% Frost Strike (Water)
    2.78% Auto Attack (Phys)
    2.65% Storm Blade (Air)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bellcross View Post
    51 P - 15 RB - 0 RV - Beastmaster Crystal
    Attacks: 858
    Criticals: 381 (46.46%)

    51 RB - 15 T - 0 RV - Beastmaster Crystal
    Attacks: 796
    Criticals: 164 (25.67%)

    51 P - 15 RB - 0 RV - Paragon Crystal
    Attacks: 686
    Criticals: 301 (45.74%)

    51 RB - 15 T - 0 RV - Riftblade Crystal
    Attacks: 554
    Criticals: 99 (22.15%)
    Forgot to edit these...

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    You don't 0 rv if your 2 main souls don't include Tempest. You 0-point Tempest for Enhanced Conductivity. Every ST dps build should include Tempest.
    Wykkyd <Aegis> @Laethys

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    He was testing all this with me Wykkd, and he was doing variations to determine the differences is all.

    My main issue with RB atm is it's insane energy consumption for ST. While the adustments made to Quick Burst have helped it is still a power starved class, even with Fervor. My question to the devs would have to be what is their intended breaking point to start running dead GCD's or to be required to slow down our rotation, in particular with RB since it plays faster, to the point of cutting into our GCD's. To me this is unacceptable on any basis. While I'm not against having to resource my energy, at the moment RB has no way to manage it's very small resource over an extended period. My suggestion would be to add energy regen back to PB or change Elemental Caress in the RB tree to give an on hit energy return akin to what champ had in 1.10 in order to give RB the ability to manage it's resource better.

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    I would point out at 16 tempest you get a channeled ability. Much like Flurry in the Paragon tree, this is not a DPS gain (I think) but it is a minimal DPS loss while regenerating power to full, which you can do every 30 seconds (or every other rotation basically).

    To me, that's your power starvation solution - get level 51, go 51 rb / 16 tempest, and you're golden.

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    Yeah I was looking at that as well wrath and I imagine that's what I'm gonna do come SL since I see no need to go 61 into RB anymore with the riftwalk nerf. Iforgot to mention I used storm blade for my blade buff while running this instead of planar. I'm also curious as to how this will perform at 60 with maybe para as the third soul with some points sprinkled in. If I could get sharogy of any of those other Alpha testers on line it would be nice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wykkyd View Post
    You don't 0 rv if your 2 main souls don't include Tempest. You 0-point Tempest for Enhanced Conductivity. Every ST dps build should include Tempest.
    I didn't put 0 Tempest on the 51 Paragon and instead used 0 Reaver because the results were much better than 0 Tempest to my demise... Will run several parses again when I can and post up the stats.

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    0 rv seems overall stronger atm, might need abit changing.
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    Yeah it really is Sharogy. So much so that Soul Sickness probably needs to be brought down a bit as a 0pt ability. Either by moving into a little deeper into the root or giving a talent that brings it to it's current level deeper in the tree to avoid what we are seeing now. I don't want to see it get nerfed down just because inventive people are finding ways to use it for a dps gain when you can just move things around a bit. On another note, I hope that if we lose the ability to use Soul Sickness in it's current form then the devs would compensate by tweeking paragon and RB to sustain their intended goal.

    RB still has power issues though!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wykkyd View Post
    You don't 0 rv if your 2 main souls don't include Tempest. You 0-point Tempest for Enhanced Conductivity. Every ST dps build should include Tempest.
    0pt Reaver beats out 0pt Tempest in 51/15 Paragon/RB right now. From a DC point of view having opt Tempest would be better but not for raw numbers.

    My parses were with 1r50 1hder and T3 crafted tank sword....1750AP, 1114 crit using Razor's Edge, pot and cake for a duration of 5 minutes each.

    51/15/0reaver w/paragon crystal - 5.4k
    51/15/0reaver w/BM crystal - 5.6k
    51/15/0tempest w/paragon crystal - 5.3k (the only modification to Sharogy's original rotation for me was only using Flurry every other DT, which tbh probably helped it's numbers since Flurry is a dps loss anyway)

    I really want to like Paragon but I just can't get on board with it atm. The mechanics are just...meh and it suffers greatly from high movement fights. I'm not even looking forward to running this build once I hit 60 with the addition of another DoT and adding Shifting Blades into the mix with the 58 and 60pt roots. An 8second CD on SM would be nice and a CD on Open the Stream would help as well, but I'm not sure if macroing that wouldn't still cause lag even if it were two followups. A talent to replace tranquility that gave a % chance to allow followups to refresh SLI would be a cool trick and would require some true buff management I'd think since RNG would affect it's refreshing.

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    Sharogy can you run 58/16/2 RB/Temp/RV for me? Test out how energy consumption is with torrent use and overall dps loss, if any, from not taking 2pts in a dps tree. I'm curious if gaining 4% to DoT's from Planar Attunement would outweight the 3% loss to dps that you'd take from not putting those last two points into a dps tree.

    I think Implosion is a dps gain but haven't quite figured out how to thread it into the rotation more than once before my rotation recycles.

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    FYI, the best time to use lightning torrent I've found through testing was (based of Irunaii's rotation) to pop it immidiately after the finisher after soulsickness/flamespear/stonespear. I was casting it every other rotation (for cooldown reasons ofc). Depending on my power either letting it build one or two attack points them immidiately filling the rest of the CPs up to finisher with searing strike. It's definitely a dps increase over being power starved. The first 10 ticks or so hit really damn hard with all the boosts from your dots and self modifiers so full cast is definitely not worth it, you lose huge amounts of dps when you start letting everything fall off.

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    I'm gonna mess with it more today. I spent all night getting to lvl 51 so I could try to implement Torrent heh.

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    No tries at 51 RB/15 Champ/0 Tempest (or Reaver) for Grim Satisfaction? Hell, 10 Champ/5 Tempest may be worth it with the Amped buff lasting 15 seconds. +10% AP is pretty nice afterall.

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    I will here in a sec alien. I think grim is fixed to only work on AoE in beta though....will get back to you

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    Quote Originally Posted by Irunaii View Post
    I will here in a sec alien. I think grim is fixed to only work on AoE in beta though....will get back to you
    Was still working on single target last I had checked.

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