Upon my adventures in the Beta this weekend I stumbled across a tavern located in Tempest bay (unfortuantely I do not have either the name or the location of this bar/tavern, but hopefully my description will jog anyones memory who has stumbled across it) I really liked the vanity in this as if you talked to the bartender he would pour a round of 4 drinks across the bar, which made me think it would be the perfect spot for a bit of roleplay and banter. I really liked this whole tavern thing but just I have just a couple of suggestions that would just perfect it...
  • More Drinks on the bar, its currently 4, I would probably say 8 would be about right.
  • Possibly a few bar stools?
  • An increase of the drinking effect both visually and the way that your character moves, it's very very minor at the moment visually and you can only just tell so a bit more blurry-ness and an enhance on the see'ing double effect also regarding movement maybe if it made your character stumble a bit and steer of slightly to the left/right?