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Thread: Reparation, where art thou?

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    Reparation, where art thou?

    So my alt is a cleric and I loved using Reparation on my dps builds, especially in Cabalist. I couldn't find it for the life of me, so my guess was that it was removed (at least from the builds I got to try when I wasn't busy with my main) Do you guys think that its removal was too sudden? Was it useless to you? Was it a complete nerf to you? Thoughts?

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    salvation can be talented to be the same as reparation, its still there

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    5-10 points in Justicar, it is now a talent that makes your Salvation AoE heal. Going that high in justicar is not likely to be viable for hybrids since its healing is not based on damage done, but on bonuses to spellpower and healing done. Will be trying it out though.

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    "icar" hybrid specs for dps + raid healing is now a thing of the past. It is still possible to make these specs but they are nowhere near as effective as they used to be, and I believe that was the intention.

    Salvation no longer heals a % of your damage dealt, but as the above poster stated it heals a set amount (PER CAST not per hit, so even an aoe ability will only cause salvation to heal once) based on spell power and talents.

    Reparation is no longer a buff, but a talent that allows salvation to heal 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 additional party or raid members.

    Doctrine of Loyalty is now a 20 point root ability, which takes far too much away from your dps soul to make a true dps/hps hybrid viable.

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