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Thread: Getting to/from the new cintinents and Tempest Bay

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    Getting to/from the new cintinents and Tempest Bay

    Here my feedback about travelling to the new areas:

    The way to the new continets was described in the quest but not easy to find until the port npcs were moved. Moving them together and adding the 'Endquest' Symbol was a good thing. But in my opinion there should be portals with approprate symbols on the map. Especially if we went back to the old continent and want to go to one of the new continents again. The only other way to the new area is the porticulum to Tempest Bay which has to be unlocked fist, which is the next point:

    One common question in the chat was "how do i get to tempest bay?". So it should be either explained earlier or the 'need' to get there should be reduced. I think people want to get there soon because they know about the city and that it has new trainers for crafting, IA questgives and other stuff. The npcs are also in the 1st city of the start area of the new continent but no one knows that they exist and where there are before the questline lead them to that point. So people who want to get points from gathering early (must get grandmaster level for that) or level via IA (and get the quest to do them for additional rewards) will look for TB 1st.

    I also think the option to port back to my home city (sanctum as guardian) was only available after i unlocked the TB porticulum (not sure and can't test atm). Before that, i only saw the unlocked port stones when i used one of them and the only way back was soul recall.

    I found the 'ship teleports' to TB but no ships back. If we forgot to unlock the portal stone on the continent or want to go to the other continent as we started, we have to take the route over IPP again.

    So here my suggestions:
    - Let the IPP port us to the cities with trainers and 1st quest there should direct us to the current starting zone
    - Replace the portal stones in the start cities with porticulums (maybe also in the other zones from the new continent, havn't been there yet) and when using a porticulum at any zone (pre SL, SL) show all unlocked portal stones and porticulums from the current zone and lets switch to a map from the other zone and show all porticulums (not the portal stones) from that zone.
    - Reduce the need to get to a city by adding some craft/quest npcs to the current start area.
    - Give the crafting trainers in Sanctum/Meridian the skill to train us grandmaster level (no new receipes needed)
    - The crafting trainers in Sanctum/Meridian could give us a quest to speak with the grandmaster trainer in one of the cities or tempest bay.

    - Add ship portals to the Tempest Bay that port to the start cities (without having to unlock them)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adjana View Post
    The crafting trainers in Sanctum/Meridian could give us a quest to speak with the grandmaster trainer in one of the cities or tempest bay.
    I like this option. The trip from the entry points into the new areas is short and nothing that I saw to be gathered there is out of reach of a 300 gatherer. It would be nice to follow a cookie crumb trail to the trainers.

    On my first time through I completely missed the "local" trainers in Cape Jule and Pelladane and didn't get my gathering skilled up until I reached Tempest Bay. So many missed points! If there had been a rumor of new trade-skill to be had by talking to an NPC in the new zones or just a straight quest to advance our knowledge it would flow a little easier. That may also negate some of the anxiety at finding Tempest Bay straight out of the gates.

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