I've been playing a cleric in Rift for almost 2 years. I don't have any alt's. All I ever wanted to play was cleric, and due to the versatility of the cleric souls, it was all I ever needed to play. So as with everyone else in Rift I was excited to see all the new stuff coming in 2.0...especially what new soul they would give us. I anticipated the new soul with a good bit of apprehension. I mean, we could already tank, dps, or heal as good or better than any other class so what could a new soul possibly provide. I figured it would be some sort of support role.

Man was I wrong...sorta...

When I first got in, like everyone else, I instantly looked at the defiler soul. Yep it's a semi-support soul, and I started thinking about ways I could incorporate it into roles, but then I started making my roles. That is when I noticed that we didn't get one new soul...we got EIGHT new souls. The only thing left in the old souls that was the same were the Purge and Cleanses. Ugh. I spent the first hour to two hours in the game simply trying to figure out what the many soul changes were...and they were numerous. It's going to take several hours of testing to tweak the new roles.

Once I started playing, I found that warden healing for the new dungeon is...WOW! (no pun intended). Purifier MT healing is still super powerful...but it is still only good for MT healing unless your spamming the aoe shield. While our dps is lacking compared to the other classes, I still had no trouble soloing PvE world content (except those lvl 51 elite invasions...those things hit like a MAC truck). Icar is dead...and that sucks. Like most clerics, I loved the versatility of the many different icar specs. I didn't get a chance ot tank, but the soul is there. Next Beta I will put it to the test to see how it does.

Right now, I see bard heals out raid healing us, all the other classes out-dps us...so I'm curious to see where we will fit into the new raid schemes. The Defiler seems like a possible support spot for some encounters...we'll see.

On Sunday night, I logged back in to the Live servers for Raid night, and I actually found myself dissappointed because I was relieved to be back into the souls I new and loved. I actually enjoyed going back to Rift 1.x. I'm sure with time I will come to enjoy Rift 2.0 as well, and further Beta time will give me a chance to fine tune the roles into something I want, but there is no doubt that Rift 2.0 is a completely different game for clerics.

WTB A New Role Slot!