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Thread: Zones feel very very empty

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    Zones feel very very empty

    So, i just started playing the beta today and I cant help but notice that these zones are just extremely empty. There is sooo much open land areas where nothing is going on; there is a lack of mobs and npc's, even just trees.

    It just seems there is so much un-used space here. I was leaving the starting point of Cape Jule and i see a wide open area with just grass and one small mob walking in the middle.... I just seems so out of place.

    In vanilla rift, the zones are filled and feels like there is a lot to do; with these zones, I dont get that feeling.

    I would suggest at least adding more mobs, and I mean A LOT more.

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    I'm not sure what the intention was for less mobs. Perhaps less ways to get killed running around and/or knocked off your mount? Perhaps they also want to eliminate grinding areas like Talos Landing on EI? Just tossing out guesses.

    I found it just slightly annoying not being able to pick up large packs of mobs for a quick grind for quests. I am kind of guessing that it's intentional for Carnage quests so you can't just complete it in 10 seconds but rather you have to move around to get them.

    They seem to leash much earlier than on Live right now too.
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    Yes i feel that the zone a quite empty too.
    I don't know if it is due to the fact that there is so much people that npc don't have enough time to spawn but it's very strange. At this moment it take quiet a long time to find NPC even for IA.

    It can be good because you can travel without being dismounted but i think it's a bit to much. It's good to have safe road but not that much i think.

    Except for invasion it's quite rare to fight more than 1 NPC and i am not sure i already fight 3. I understand that big group can be hard to manage and that it's a king of starting area so i say wait and see on this part

    What i would like : check the amount of NPC during next beta event when all people won't all be in that zone

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    Well it is Beta after all, its possible they dont have all the mobs out and about that they want. Also while many did preorder and we have a good size of beta testers and the alpha testers running about the world is huge and the overall population is still tiny compared to the live game. Maybe more mobs, rifts, and the like would be present if more people where in the zone, I dont know for sure but its possible.
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    Population on the Beta server was much higher than on my normal server as well. I noted that Cape Jule was much more populated during off-hours (e.g. early Sunday morning) than it had been on Saturday afternoon.

    My initial reaction was the same. Empty as far as the eye could see. When the area was not overrun with people running through it was much better. Same is true of spawn-rates on the quest items.

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