Purely pve view here:

First spec i tried when i logged in was warlock/necro/harb

Fun spec but between lvl 50 to 52 it seemed like something was missing. Now to be fair alot of people are doing some crazy burst dps so at 60 this spec might even out of a longer fight.

But empowered darkness 75 charge 1 min coodlown, charge amount just seems a bit high for a 1 min cooldown spell

Just seemed toggling between sac life dmg and contamination that dropping points into harbringer for increase spell power that effects all spells not just 15 seconds every 1 min,

Honestly i would love to see the talent changed to increase dots crit strike damage bonus instead what it is at now (with like 50 charge cost for a 1 min cool down), but thats my opinion. I am sure there are people who will disagree.

Atrophy is awesome and is close to the same damage as defile is on the few parses i did. Warlock crystals helps dark touch but again necrosis is at the bottom of the pile damage wise.

Nedd Tortures damage was meh but ii understand its pvp valuie so we will see at 60 on this one. Didn't agree with the wow clone idea here but whatever. Was hoping it debuffed target to take more shadow damage instead of dot ticking shrug.

The improved radiate death is awesome, love it

Persist doesn't like to refresh all death dot atm But a great talent all around.

Phobia is pretty useless and is too much like a Wow warlock as a weak fear kite. Why not add a 15 or 30% chance debuff to Life leech to add a leprosi on the target lowering run speed and stats by 10%. This would replace the loss of wither which was great for kiting major rifts mobs and elites.

Other then that loving the warlock tree

Side note corpse Talon in necro tree
2.5 second cast to do damage to yourself and the target? Really a long cast?
Plague bolt is a shorter cast time with talents, gets same deathly call bonus and doesn't damage to you...

This is just my view, i invite others to give theirs