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Thread: Dimension inventory

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    Dimension inventory

    first of all: great job with the dimensions

    I wonder if anybody had thought of this:
    There will be easily hundreds of objects to obtain. You can´t use everything. So where to put all these? Your inventory and stash will not be big enough…
    So here is my suggestion. Please make an extra inventory for dimensions!
    Here a little drawing how it could look.

    Click image for larger version

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    So you have a drop-down list to sort everything by type und then a simple list of all the items you possess of that type.
    It would be a really great addition to the current system!

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    I'd like to see some kind of storage facility just for dimension items, some kind of 'dimension bank'. Then you can pop the bank into your dimension and take out what you need as and when you need it. I'd even happily pay to increase its storage as with current banks. eg. a chest of drawers object you put into your dimension and each 'drawer' acts as a bank slot purely for dimension items.

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