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Thread: What are some DIMENSION OBJECTS you would like to see in the game to place in your Dimension?

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    What are some DIMENSION OBJECTS you would like to see in the game to place in your Dimension?

    What are some DIMENSION OBJECTS you would like to see in the game to place in your Dimension?

    well for me I would like: (no order)

    *Character Statues
    - Statues that display character in the action of combat but made of stone with plaque on it describing the hero.
    - Statues for alts as well.
    -Statues of action of combat with spell animations part of the statue as well.

    -place different house models in the dimension with indoor rooms etc.
    -vary in size, from small single room, to large mansions with upstairs and main floor.

    -minecraft style blocks come to mind here.
    -Different textures as well.

    *Training Dummies
    -Healing dummy
    -DPS dummy
    -Tanking dummy that can hit you but stop at 1% HP. with adjusted damage levels.

    *Pet Zoo
    -display companions in a area they can wander around and even interact with each other.

    *Storage Box
    -can store crafting mats, but cant craft from the storage box so people still would need to go to major cities to move things to bank to craft from.
    -holds costumes and fluff items.

    *Wardrobe Display
    -similar to statues, but display armor and weapon of choice on it. doesnt have action poses like the hero statues.

    *Arena Pits
    -Special arena pit that allow players to pick the allied teams and fight each other in them to win points. -Arena Master, the dimension owner inputs the rules of the arena before the match, and the game handles the rest.
    -rules like, if FFA, or if is 1v1 or 5vs5 etc, and how many rounds of fighting, and how many teams fighting, like 1v1v1 or 3v3v3 etc.
    -Arena Master can place traps on their Arena design.

    *Monster Interactions
    -Monsters like Dragons, and huge monsters can show up at random times , like a huge dragon flys over your dimension sky. or a huge scary giant walks by.

    *Mini Game Stations
    -Plants vs Zombies Rift style.
    -Tower Defense Rift style.
    -Kart Racing/battle Rift style.
    -Pet battles Rift style.
    -battle chest Rift style.
    -RTS Rift style.
    -MOBA Rift style.
    -FPS shooter Rift style.

    -allow players to paint and draw art paintings.

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    come people, share your ideas.

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    I like the idea of houses, not all the races have the same style, A Kelari house as seen on Ember, Dwarven like in Three Springs, not sure about Mathosian, perhaps lilke the ones in Belmont.

    Also Awnings to add over a balcony.

    And yes, storage.

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    You do have to realize some of what your proposing is not possible without huge demands on the server for every player in a separate dimension; You might compromise and allow certain objects to be per guild so the burden is shared by multiple players in the same zone.

    That aside I wouldn't mind some NPCs in my dimension, say a drink vendor like Jarvis but stationary (put him behind a bar) A personal, and guild banker, soul healer, kind of make your dimension or guild's dimension to be a one stop shop for all your needs free from the overcrowding of a big city if you so choose.

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    Of the ideas you have posted i'd like to see these very much:

    *Training Dummies
    -Healing dummy
    -DPS dummy
    *Wardrobe Display
    -similar to statues, but display armor and weapon of choice on it. doesnt have action poses like the hero statues.
    The wardrobe display could also be very nice for making more room in your bank, if you were able to "upload" wardrobe sets onto dummies and then import them back onto your character.

    Other things I think would be interesting functional and scenic options:

    a. banker
    b. crafting stations
    c. the option to set the water level in your dimension
    d. weather controls

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    Fish in the pools
    Be able to fish in your dimension if there is a pond or a pool ofc.
    More colourful bushes
    some kind of grass

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    i think mini games of any kind would be really amazing for guild dimensions.

    the possibility to remove the houses or changing them would be nice too.

    and some of these dimensions are freaking huge. i would love to have the possibility to place a few npcs to bring some life into the area.

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    A carving tool to use to cut doorways/openings in multiple existing models of buildings to be able to join them together to create a larger house/building.

    A painter's palette to change the colors of placed items.

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    Cool magiteck objects like the Defiant teleport-lift-thingy in the tower in Meridian. Other stuff that looks that way and sometimes even does things. Could be all kinds of stuff, like a RIFT-version of the stargazing dentist-chair in MYST.

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    Would also like moving items.

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    good thread !
    Same idea :
    pet for make farm and other ^^ and if we can script them
    npc : bank, vendor... other and if we can script them
    more items, door etc...

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    +1 for grass

    +1 for actual houses also... I think I've seen 4 player dimensions in beta, and just one of them had a house (the Faen's retreat one) It feels a little silly to decorate a meadow or a cave without ceiling, while having a proper house like the one in Shimmersand lets you do much more "house decoration"

    - carpets!! Perhaps I missed them but I couldn't find carpets in any of the vendors... they'd make everything more cozy <3
    - cushions (they'do go great with carpets to create cozy little corners)
    - curtains
    - tapestries (or other stuff to hang on the walls)
    - séparés
    - table lamps
    - single candles
    - floating candles
    - pets
    - more variety in potted plants
    - pen and inkpot
    - hammock
    - armchair
    - couch
    - masks (like the one from the carnival event) to hang around
    - vases, and generally more variety in that area and not just anphoras)
    - cut flowers to put into vases and the like
    - additional storage, at least for stuff related to dimensions... I really don't know where I'll put everything!
    - more weather control (I'd *love* to have eternal night in my dimension, so I can put those pretty hanging lamps and those awesome torches everywhere and actually have them count!)

    ...and that's all for now XD

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    +1 to everyone's ideas, plus a moving crate as a storage solution for extra house items. So far moving crate only appears when we change houses.
    Also, it would be nice if existing tiles/blocks scaled a bit larger, as it would save us the item count

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    I'd love to have a stable with a paddock (or even some of them) for all my mounts

    And I'd really like to have my pets running around in my dimension, or at least some of them - say, you can chose 5 or so - as with the over 60 I have at the moment, the dimension would be slightly overcrowded... but wouldn't it be lovely if a cat or dog or some other pet await you in your house or garden!?

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    My wants:

    wall tapestries
    rugs (omg don't make us do the fenris pelts thing!) +100 if you get the reference
    firepit with flames or various fireplace options
    more bed choices! sheesh
    less weird chairs, wth?
    Steam punk flavored furniture choices, techno-magic w/e
    flowers - from typical wildflower stands to individual groupings, rosebushes etc (I saw shrubbery and trees, but no flowers)
    garden - veggies, fruit, trellis and typical items such as a wheel barrel, gardening tools, scarecrow and so on

    What if we could farm our own mats out of our own gardens!? If you plant the base "seed" or tree, you could harvest x many in a 24 hour period.

    Totally seconding these suggestions:

    personal banker - but I also suggest a mailbox
    craft stations - but I also suggest typical material vendors (no recipe vendors)
    training dummy (wow to have one all to yourself for real)
    fish for our ponds
    pets - I'd love to see a cat curled up by the fireplace

    I had heard the ability to invite others to your dimension would be in an upcoming patch or go with live release. However, I'd like all of my characters (on the same server) to have access to any one dimension. Hmm, and perhaps the guy I married in-game, too. Which just happens to be my RL hubby anyway That way, you could leave gifts for your spouse. That'd be really neat.

    While some ppl may like to make a dimension per character, I think having the option to also access a dimension with all characters would be awesome!
    Sunshine and smiles,
    Lirra 50 Rogue | Chiana 50 Cleric | Ruala 50 Mage on Defiant Faeblight in <Nocturne>
    Owner of Rift-Craft.com for Rift Crafting Guides

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    My wish list for dimensions

    1.I would like to se interactive chairs.
    2. Overstuffed dhairs with arms like the ones in Iron Pine Tavern.
    3. rugs
    4. cusions/pillows
    5 writing table with quill and ink.
    6 Tea pot/cups.
    7.The ability to have more than one companion pet out at once in the dimension.
    8. Same with mounts ( we have the hay, something has to eat it)
    9. Storage place for costumes. Closets.
    10 A bartendor/housekeeper( maybe for a salaray) there could be a dervice where you chose them.
    11. Wall are/pictures/tapestries
    12.a Canopy that would fit over the open space in Faens Retreat, like the ones in Fortunes shore.
    13 Fishing in the pond.
    14.The ability to craft.

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    - funny NPCs like personal guardians, butlers, private dancers (lol) etc
    - Achievement related trophies, for example a big fish for master fishers or dungeon/ raid related trophies to have something to brag about
    - + 1 for houses or alternatively greater sizeable tiles, blocks and walls/dividers to build them

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    My wants for dimensions.

    - DPS dummies
    - DPS dummies
    - DPS dummies

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    "What if we could farm our own mats out of our own gardens!? If you plant the base "seed" or tree, you could harvest x many in a 24 hour period."
    Mind. Blown. Such a great idea!

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    I want to display my vast collection of books in my dimension.

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