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Thread: So there is a roof....

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    So there is a roof....

    Although its pretty high up....

    Props to trion, found it easy to use and given time and it not being reset in a couple days people could make some very cool stuff

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    wow awesome build !

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    Yeh ikr. I have a castle wall around my place now, with a gate and everything, im working on making a stone bridge to a new section of area to make an entire new building that goes up and around the side of the landscape. Gunna make a secret passage way to go below like a basement gunna be really neat.

    I wonder what the max number of placables there are, I might run out, since im using alot of stone and blocks for building, let alone decorating the area after.

    Dimesions can be so much more, with some changes.

    - Make it easy for other players to visit dimension, so they arent so "just for you"
    - Storage Boxes that act like a bank box that account toons can access, with lots of space for addition bags
    - crafting stations
    - portals
    - small items like broken wagons, small shack stores
    - vendors for visitors (make a drunken maze, vendor sells drinks, see people go through the maze under the effect of being drunk

    there is so much potential here it is mind blowing.

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    big Rocks? weak!

    I did mine with thin wood boards that had gaps you had to jump over or parish falling to your death. Was going to add a Mario rice barrels ramp, but sadly ran out of time.

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