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    Quote Originally Posted by Golladan View Post
    The problem is you're not counting the link your beacon comes with, which intercepts 50% of the damage. So with your suggestion you would be forced to put a point on the beacon and you would have a 100% chance. Which I think is kind of OP.

    So you would need to modify Rampant Growth to only use half of the highest link for 1 point, or the full intercept of the highest link for 2 points(instead of double which is what it does now). But then this still forces you to get the beacon to keep the 50% chance, otherwise you would be stuck with 25%.

    While that might not be a problem for a 61 point Defiler, or even a 58 point defiler, it hurts hybridization as you're being forced to put a point in a trait that really doesn't offer anything outside of soloing.

    Another option would be to just make Rampant Growth ignore the beacon's link, but then you're hurting the defiler's ability to solo.
    Or just cap the ability at 50% maximum.

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    40 points is the highest i would probably go into defiler if I were to make a hybrid, which gives you Explosive Growth. Though 36 is enough to get the 20% link. 38 gives you the 20% healing Grief Blight. Higher than those is most likely not worth it when making a hybrid, so you wouldn't get Pain Transmission.

    Capping it a 50% could still hurt soloing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WaywardPooch View Post
    So your saying that Defiler can't be labeled a healer unless it can do raid heals? Do you say the same thing about Sentinel and Purifier, who both have more AoE heals than the Defiler does? Sentinel and Purifier don't work as Raid Healers either
    Their single heal capabilities aren't on par with the other two as well - only their burst is ok (but not as good as the sentinel one, but giving that they've the links the burst is on par - if not better - but not really the non burst heal).

    But with the latest healer nerfs the defiler is a healer and deserves the + symbol.

    Thanks for fixing that Trion.


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